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Angry Birds games have their physics all messed up, scientist says

A physics professor has done an extensive analysis on the Angry Birds Space physics laws. What he found is that both games are too far away from how the things work in the real world.


There were two ways to handle this news, but I won’t do the funny one. Because I am sure there are people out there who in fact need to hear this.

The purpose of this hard work is probably a proof to those people (hope most of them are kids) who actually believe in some of the Angry Birds physics. In reality there is so little truth in both games that it is safe to say Rovio has created new physics laws for the purpose of the franchise.

Anyway, it was probably much easier to ask Rovio instead of doing all the math to discover how the birds work. But where is the fun in that, right? After all the man is a physics professor, he loves doing this.

So, don’t believe those angry birds and open a physics textbook to see how the world works. If you want to learn everything about the Angry Birds Space physics, just head over to the source link.



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