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God of War: Ascension trailer released

Prepare your PlayStations, for the all mighty God of War is coming back. Rumors of this game have been circulating for a while now but we finally have the full trailer courtesy of the PlayStation Facebook page.

The game will be called God of War: Ascension, unlike the God of War IV name that was being floated around till now. Also, unlike what I imagined, this doesn’t seem like a successor to God of War III but more like a prequel, where they show how Kratos came to be known as the Ghost of Sparta.

The series has briefly touched on this matter before in the first game and it seems Ascension is going to elaborate on that. I’m guessing we will have another game later that continues from the point God of War III ended. If you went through the full previous game, you know the game developers left a hint that there will in fact be another game. Perhaps the developers are reserving the God of War: IV name for that one.

Personally, I’d be more happy to see what happens next but Ascension also seems pretty decent for now. The trailer is only a teaser that briefly hints at what the game will be about with no in-game footage. There is also no mention of a release date.

Anyway, you can check it out below.



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