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Lytro is the world’s first light field camera, lets you focus on any part of the image AFTER it’s captured

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Lytro is the world’s first light field camera. Light field is the amount of light travelling in every direction through every point in space. Light field contains a lot more information than traditional light captured by regular cameras, especially pertaining to the placement of objects emitting that light and their distance from the camera.

Traditional cameras capture light and color but light field cameras also captures vector direction of the rays of light. This extra bit of information, combined with the special light field sensor and the powerful software, let’s the camera know the position of the objects in the frame, which is what lets it perform its magic trick, focus selectively on objects AFTER they are captured by the camera. Read more »

Here’s a nifty 1080p shootout between the iPhone 4S and a Canon 5d MKII DSLR, camcorder geeks rejoice

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With the hype circling around Siri there hasn’t been much talk of the new iPhone’s 8 MP camera and especially the bumped up 1080p video recording.

Let’s get down to it – an enthusiast decided to pit the iPhone 4S against the immensely popular among film makers Canon 5d MkII. The discipline of choice was video recording and the result is pretty damn interesting. Read more »

Canon announces EOS-1D X digital SLR camera, packs in everything except the kitchen sink

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Canon has just raised the stakes in the DSLR game with the announcement of their new flagship EOS-1D X camera, the ‘X’ part being the Roman numeral for 10 since it is their tenth generation EOS camera. This new monster DSLR comes with a full-frame 18 megapixel sensor. Canon has opted for a lower resolution sensor in favor of larger individual pixel size, which is now the largest on any Canon camera.

Other impressive stuff includes a new 61-point auto focus system, 252 zone metering, 12fps shooting in RAW (14fps in JPEG), ISO 204,800 and HD video recording. Read more »

Adobe MAX sees more clearly than ever with Photoshop’s new “unblur” feature [VIDEO]

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Adobe’s 2011 MAX event wowed the crowd with their developmental “unblur” feature.

Adobe software already sports some pretty impressive algorthim-based photo manipulation magic. First they gave us Content-aware scale, then Content-aware fill and now Unblur to sharpen shots that at the time, looked like you’d taken them whilst on a rollercoaster. Read more »

Nikon announces V1 and J1 mirrorless interchangeable lens cameras, priced upwards of $650

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It seems Nikon has finally decided to join the mirrorless interchangeable lens bandwagon with the announcement of the Nikon V1 and J1 models. Both models feature a new CX-size 10.1 megapixel sensor with a 2.7x crop factor, 1080/30p video recording, 1200-fps slow motion capture mode, 3-inch LCD and an ISO range of 100-3200.

The J1 comes with a built-in flash, auto-noise reduction for videos, 73-point AF system, which Nikon claims is the fastest in the world, dual-core EXPEED processing engine and the ability to record videos for up to 29 minutes. Read more »

Ricoh announces GR Digital IV point and shoot, features a 28mm lens and image sensor-shift stabilization

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Ricoh has launched a new high-end point and shoot camera, called the GR Digital IV. This new camera features a 10 megapixel sensor and a 28mm/F1.9 lens, the latter is something you don’t often see on point and shoot cameras.

The GR Digital IV also adds an image-sensor shift type image stabilization, a first for the series. There is also a new Hybrid AF, which uses an external AF sensor with 190 AF points coupled with the conventional CCD contrast AF gives an auto-focus time of just 0.2 seconds, approximately half of the GR Digital III. Read more »

Canon announces hot-looking S100 and super-zooming SX40 compacts

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Today Canon introduced two exciting new additions to its lineup of cameras – the S100 enthusiast compact and the SX40 HS superzoom. Successor of the extremely popular Canon S95, the S100 aims to deliver image class-leading image quality, while remaining really pocket-friendly, while the SX40 HS impresses with its 35x zoom lens (yeap, you read that right).

Canon PowerShot S100, as goes the full name of the compact, is built around a large 1/1.7″ sensor of 12 megapixel resolution. It also packs ultra-wide (24mm in 35mm equivalent) and ultra-bright (F/2.0) lens, which is capable of zooming in 5 times to 120mm. Read more »

[IFA 2011]Samsung introduces 20 MP NX200 EVIL camera a MultiView compact and a superzoom

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Samsung introduced three new cameras at the start of this year’s IFA. We got the NX200 mirror-less camera with interchangeable lenses, the normal-to-wacky-in-3.5 MV800 compact and the WB750 superzoom.

We start with the most exciting of the bunch – the Samsung NX200. Not only is this the highest resolution camera in the EVIL (electronic viewfinder, interchangeable lenses) class with its 20.3 MP APS-C sensor, but it also packs a sweet sounding 3″ 614k-dot AMOLED screen on the back. Read more »

Sony announces four new cameras, NEX-5N, NEX-7, Alpha A65 and Alpha A77

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And we have some more camera news for you today. Following Canon and Nikon’s lead Sony too has launched some new cameras. This time we have two EVIL (Electronic Viewfinder with Interchangeable Lens) cameras and two SLT (Single-Lens Translucent) cameras from their NEX and Alpha series respectively.

The first of the EVIL twins (sorry, couldn’t resist) is the Sony NEX-5N, which is the updated version of the NEX-5 launched last year. Sony claims it has the world’s shortest shutter lag for interchangeable lens camera (only 20ms) and an extremely quick auto-focus mechanism. The new 5N also shoots 1080p videos in 60fps, up from the 30fps in last year’s model. It also has a 16.1 megapixel sensor and will come with a 18.55mm kit lens for $700 in September. Read more »

Nikon announces six new cameras, the COOLPIX AW100, P7100, S100, S6200, S8200 and S1200pj

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After Canon announced it’s new range of cameras a few days back Nikon too has updated its range of point and shoot cameras. This includes four basic point-and-shoot cameras for beginners, one prosumer camera and their first every rugged, water-proof camera.

First we will talk about the AW100. It is Nikon’s first water-proof, shock-proof and cold resistant camera. It can function under-water for up to 10m, survive a shock of 1.5m and withstand temperatures as low as -10 degree Celsius. Under that tough body it has a 16 megapixel sensor with 5x optical zoom, 1080p video recording, 3.0-inch display, A-GPS and electronic compass with built-in maps for displaying your geo-tagged pictures on. The AW100 will be sold in five different colors for $379.95 starting September 8. Read more »

Canon announces new point-and-shoot cameras, the PowerShot SX150 IS, ELPH 510 HS and ELPH 310 HS

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Canon has updated its PowerShot range of point-and-shoot cameras with three new models. The first of them, the PowerShot SX150 IS has a 14.1 megapixel sensor with 12x optical zoom and 28mm wide-angle lens. It also features 720p video recording, 3-inch LCD, Intelligent IS and Smart AUTO.

The SX150 IS also gives you manual control over the aperture and shutter priority values. There’s also a discrete mode for low disturbance photography. The SX150 IS will be sold in black and red for $249.99 starting September. Read more »

Sony’s next-generation LCD technology for mobile devices: WhiteMagic

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There are an array of different screen technologies out their vying for superiority in a crowded device world. Of course with displays it’s having the right tool for the job; a low power, high legibility e-ink screen suits the Kindle’s purpose, where as a super high-res, high pixel density HAST LCD would feel right at home on the latest entertainment-centric tab.

Sony WhiteMagic teaser image

Now Sony send another contender into the display-fray, their next generation LCD technology announced under the name, WhiteMagic. Read more »

Gulp is the largest-scale stop-motion video and it’s shot with a Nokia N8

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The Nokia has inspired young talents to create cool videos with its N8 camera phone for a while now. This is the latest in a line of many very cool videos and the largest in scale stop-motion animation shot with the Nokia N8.

The plot is marine in essence – a fisherman in his small boat is taken on a perilous journey after he gets swallowed by a giant fish. You can check out the making of if you’re interested in making your own stop-motion video. The tricky part is that little bot is actually a life-size, real vessel. The person starring is a real man, as well. Read more »

Olympus reveals PEN E-PL3 pricing and availability, launches SP-810UZ

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Last month we wrote about three new Olympus cameras, the PEN EP-3, E-PL3 and E-PM1. Out of these, only the price for the E-P3 was revealed back then.

Now Olympus has decided they should let us know about the price of one more of the three cameras. So here it is. The Olympus PEN E-PL3 will cost you $699.99 and will come with a 14-42mm zoom lens or 17mm prime lens. It will be sold in three colors; black, white and red and will start shipping in September. Read more »

Panasonic unveils FZ47 (FZ48) with 24x zoom, 3D photos and 1080p video

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Panasonic has just announced the new addition to their lineup of superzoom compacts, the FZ47 (to be known in Europe as FZ48). Carrying a 1/2.33″ 12.1 megapixel sensor the new camera has a 24x zoom range covering the 25 – 600mm range (in 35mm equivalent).

The stabilized lens is pretty bright on the wide side opening the aperture all the way to F/2.8, but at the long end you only get F/5.2 as a maximum aperture. Video recording up to 1080p resolution is a go in both MP4 and AVCHD formats and on the back you are getting a 3″ LCD of 460K dots. Read more »