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Panasonic GF5 mirorless camera leaks, to offer better high-ISO performance

We just got photos of an upcoming and yet unannounced member of the Panasonic EVIL camera family. The mirrorless Panasonic GF5 will succeed the GF3 and will reportedly offer much better high-ISO performance.

According to the source, the Panasonic GF5 sensor will be as good as the 18MP camera sensors inside the Canon 7D and 60D when you go wild with the ISO setting. That’s a pretty good achievement for a Micro Four Thirds camera, given the smaller size of its sensor, compared to APS-C.

The Panasonic GF5 will obviously come in black and white color versions and it will be joined by a less compact, but slightly more capable Panasonic G5 at launch. Sadly, those are all the details we can provide at this stage.



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