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Sharp unveils world’s first mobile device camera module shooting 720p hi-def 3D videos

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Sharp has just proudly presented a 3D camera module capable of taking 720p high-definition 3D videos. This is the first camera module of that kind that is made for mobile devices such as cameras, mobile phones, etc.

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Sony announces an interchangeable lens large-sensor camcorder

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After the announcement of their pioneer mirror-less interchangeable lens cameras, Sony confirmed that it is also working on an AVCHD camcorder that will use the same sensor and mount as the NEX-3 and NEX-5.

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Sony finally unveils its first mirror-less interchangeable lens cameras, the NEX-3 and NEX-5

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It’s been a while since we last heard of Sony’s upcoming mirror-less interchangeable lens cameras but now the speculations about their premiere date can stop: the Sony NEX-3 and NEX-5 have just been officially announced!

While the NEX-3 is made of polycarbonate and shoots 720p HD videos, its bro, the NEX-5 comes with a noticeably smaller magnesium alloy body and is capable of taking 1080i AVCHD video clips. Basically, those are the differences between those two. Oh, and the 100 euro extra you’ll have to pay for the NEX-5.

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Olympus releases firmware updates for its Micro Four Thirds cameras, speeds up focusing

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Just as promised, Olympus released the v1.1 firmware for their Micro Four Thirds PEN cameras. It promises a significant speed improvement of the autofocus and the first tests show that does a very good job.

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Compact DSLR-wannabe Samsung NX10 gets reviewed but not liked

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The Samsung NX10 is the most compact interchangeable lens camera with an APS-C sized sensor on the market. But is it also the ultimate camera for photography enthusiasts? Luckily, the review I’ve found gives the answers to most questions that you and I have about the NX10.

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Check out the new Puppet Warp feature of Photoshop CS5, prepare to be amazed

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Adobe recently posted a new video demo of the upcoming Photoshop CS5. Remember – the new version (along with the rest of the Creative Suite 5) should be unveiled next Monday. The new video clip shows another ground-breaking new feature and I really enjoyed being amazed by the thing. I certainly hope you will too.

The new feature is rather funnily called Puppet Warp and it allows you to move parts of still objects as if they are physically in front of you. Well, it’s got more mundane applications as well – such as fixing distortion in photos. But heck, photo distortion is boring – see the Puppet dance for you. Read more »

Adobe’s new RAW processor impresses just as much as the just revealed first new feature of Photoshop CS5

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Since I shoot exclusively in RAW, I was thrilled to learn that the latest Lightroom 3 beta actually comes with a revamped RAW processing engine. The guys over at Adobe have done some serious work on revealing more of the fine detail and taking care of image noise.

Friends of mine that have taken the time to re-process some of their older photos tell me it’s like they’ve used another camera body. The changes are impressive.

Since I didn’t have time to experiment on my own shots, here’s a sample that I snatched off It was shot in RAW with the Canon EOS-1D Mark IV at ISO 102400 (yes, that’s a six-figure ISO sensitivity). The shot was processed with the current version of Adobe’s Camera Raw and the latest Lightroom 3 beta 2 RAW processor.

100% crops processed by Adobe Camera Raw v5.6 • Lightroom 3 beta 2

And here’s another couple of comparative crops. Impressive, indeed…

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InVisage Technologies announce camera sensors with 4x light sensitivity, cameraphones lovers rejoice

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Technology developer InVisage Technologies has developed an image sensor that can offer four times better light sensitivity than the traditional silicone-based CCD and CMOS sensors. That has become possible through the usage of quantum dots (nanocrystals wrapped in a polymer film) instead of silicon photodiodes.

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40 MP medium format Pentax 645D revealed, yours for 9400 US dollars

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After five long years of development and several months of teasing, Pentax finally revealed their 645D medium format camera. Built around a 40 megapixel 44 x 33 CCD sensor, the Pentax 645D sports a dust and water-resistant body with solid magnesium-steel-alloy frame and reinforced glass LCD display with 921k dots.

Pentax 645D

The extra durability suggests that the Pentax 645D is not meant to be held as a prisoner in some photo studio but taken out. The Japanese company also developed a new high-precision 11-point wide-frame autofocus sensor for their first digital medium format camera.

So now all that it takes for you landscape photos to take a huge leap forward is 9400 US dollars and a plane ticket to Japan as this is the only country to get the 645D at launch.

Sigh, I won’t be among the ones on board that plane as I still can’t save enough cash even for a full-frame DSLR…


Two more Micro Four Thirds cameras unveiled, meet the new Panasonic DMC-G2 and DMC-G10

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The rumors on Panasonic G1′s successor, the G2, and their bro, the G10, have been circulating in the internet for a little while but as of yesterday the veil has been lifted and both cameras saw daylight for the first time.

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Nokia N900 hacked into remotely controlling your Nikon DSLR

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If you were to name the device with the greatest hacker appeal that would of course be the Nokia N900. The latest portion of dark side programming that we stumbled upon enables the Maemo-powered device to act as a remote shutter for a Nikon DSLR camera.

In theory the widget that the guy from DoItDifferent created should also work with other IR-enabled Nikons so it’s not only the D40 owners (the camera used for the demo) that should celebrate the news. And to sweeten and officially seal the deal you can also make the N900 sync its IR wireless trigger and its LED flash for some creative lighting effects.

Check out this short video of the N900 and D40 in action:


NEC camera chip promises 13MP stills, 1080p video for mobile phones

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olved thisWith several manufacturers already offering sensors, capable of delivering high-res images and FullHD video, it’s only a matter of processing power until we finally see a mobile phone that has them. And NEC have solved this with their CE151 chip.

Capable of full HD video output and still image processing up to 13 megapixel, it’s something want to see on a cameraphone this year. Read more »

Canon throws 4 new PowerShot compacts into the mix

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Canon have just unveiled four new members of their PowerShot family. Those include the SX210 IS compact superzoom, the full-touch SD3500 IS (also known as IXUS 210) and the ultra-compact couple SD1400 IS and SD1300 IS (IXUS 130 and IXUS 105).

 Canon PowerShot SX210 IS

The Canon SX210 IS comes to succeed the SX200 affordable ultrazoom and is built around a 14 megapixel 1/2.3” CCD sensor and a stabilized 14x zoom lens going from 28 to 392mm in 35mm equivalent.
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Canon EOS 550D (T2i) brings 18 MP stills and 1080p video to the mid-range

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Canon have just announced the latest addition to their DSLR camera lineup, the EOS 550D. Packing an 18 megapixel sensor, pretty similar to the one found in the EOS 7D, the Canon EOS 550D is also capable of recording 1080p video at 30, 25 and 24fps.

Canon EOS 550D

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Ricoh CX3 strikes with a back-lit sensor and an ample zoom range

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Ricoh have officially announced the latest signing to their compact camera team. The Ricoh CX3 sports a 10 megapixel back-illuminated sensor and a 28-300mm equivalent lens. It seems that the company recognized for its willingness for innovate, but usually plagued by poor image quality is trying to take a completely new route with this one.

Ricoh CX3

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