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Is Apple phasing out iPhone 3G, should we get ready for a cheaper 8GB 3GS?

I’ve been hearing those rumors lately that Apple have a cheaper 8GB version of the latest 3GS ready in the oven. The sources are nothing in particular, but they add up, you know – and they come from various places. Now there’s not anything specific about market availability, but we sure hope that there will be some of those in stores around our parts on time for Christmas.

Obviously, there are one too many things to consider here. For one, Christmas coincides with the 6-month cycle that Apple usually uses for lowering their current models pricing. Introducing a new lower-spec’d model of the same generation actually sounds credible when you look at it this way. But you can bet there’s more to it.

Last year Apple went ahead and broke their price reducing scheme for the iPhone 3G so nothing is really certain this year.

So, we don’t really have any answers at this point – only questions. We can only hope for those rumors to turn out true since the high price of the 3GS is rather prohibitive.

And how about you? What do you think about the idea of an 8GB version of Apple iPhone 3GS? Go ahead share with us what’s on your mind.


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