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Screen protector brings a tactile keyboard to the iPhone, meet the 4iThumbs

Have an iPhone and miss the reassuring clicks and feedback of a REAL keyboard? Regardless of its generation, the iPhone has always been a great messaging (read: mailing) device but even after the added landscape software keyboard there is still no hardware one. Up until now. Thanks to 4iThumbs.

And what is 4iThumbs all about? Believe it or not, it’s actually a screen protector with some invisible bumps which are positioned right above the letters of the portrait (OR landscape) keyboard. So, with the 4iThumbs on your iPhone, you’ll feel like typing on a real hardware QWERTY keyboard equipped device… sort of.

Honestly, I liked the idea very much. At first. Then I realized that in fact you have to keep the iPhone with that thing on all the time, no matter if you’re texting at the moment or not. So, you’ll feel those bumps under your fingers even if you decide to play a game or listen to some music. Nope, not really an option.

There’s also an option to keep the thing on the back of the device until you need it – but that’s hardly what anyone would want. But we guess heavy texters might appreciate it after all.

You can choose between a portrait oriented 4iThumbs keyboard and a landscape one, however, you’ll have to swap them depending on your needs. Imagine peeling one off then sticking the other one on. That must be some pretty desperate texter.

You can check a demo of how ridiculous this thing is in the video.



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