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Apple’s rumored iSlate tablet stars in yet another video

7 days to go until January 27 when Apple’s heavily rumored tablet will see daylight for the first time (or so I hope, at least). Or maybe it already did: while digging in the web I found a pretty intriguing video of a device which is said to be the iSlate. I don’t know how I let this one slip by but it looks pretty interesting to see.

If you Google “iSlate” you’ll see tons of images with differently looking devices on them. You will also find lots of specs list out there that describe different tablets, all called iSlate. But now I’ve found that old video that I seem to have missed:

Is this how the iSlate is going to look like? The video is so short and of so low quality that it’s hard to say for sure if this thing is for real or it’s just another fake. However, based on this demo I can say that this thing packs a large (at least 10″) capacitive touchscreen display, has a round iPhone-ish button below the screen (that actually makes me suspect that it is fake) and looks pleasingly zippy.

Some rumored specs lists suggest an inbuilt webcam and even a projector aboard, fast CPU, support for Wi-Fi (including 802.11n), Bluetooth and aluminum body.

Is the iSlate going to be iPhone on steroids or rather MacBook on a diet? 7 days to go…


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