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Google releases how-to video for the Google Glass

Google started shipping the early developer version of the Google Glass to early adopters last month but the rest of us still don’t have much of an idea how the device is even operated. Thankfully, there is a new Google video which demonstrates just that.

In the Google Glass how-to video, you are told that the UI is made up of cards arranged horizontally, with the ones on the left being new. You scroll through the cards by swiping along the touch sensitive side of the Glass. When you want to select a card, you tap on the side; to go back, you swipe down.

In its current state Glass shows you the time, weather, messages and even photos and videos, which you can share with your contacts on Google+. Of course, this functionality is bound to improve once developers start making apps for Google Glass (called Glassware). In the mean time, you can check out the tutorial video below.



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