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Dotcom websites turn 25, rule the traffic charts

On this day, exactly 25 years ago Symbolics computers of Cambridge, Massachusetts, registered the first web address, ending in dotcom. Five more companies dared to go in the dotcom area that same year and nothing suggested the avalanche that was to follow.

Twelve years later the millionth dotcom domain got registered and now there are 668 000 dotcom sites registered every month. In the meantime the world saw the rise of dotcom websites that defined the internet as we know it today. (15 September 1997), (18 January 1995), (29 March 1997) and Twitter (21 January 2000) are probably visited by most of you on a daily basis and one can hardly imagine what the internet would be like without them. In fact 13 of the 20 most popular websites according to the Alexa statistics are of the dotcom family.

Our website joined the ranks of the dotcoms in June 2000 and while it’s nowhere near the scale of the ones mentioned above, we like to think of ourselves as one of the places you visit daily as well.

So here is one for you: What you would do tomorrow if all dotcom websites suddenly went offline?



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