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Design by Community week 4: is mind-control the pinch zoom of the future?

Another week, another Design by Community challenge – imagine the OS that will bring the crowd-designed phone. The Operating system part of Design by Community was voted most exciting by the users.

This weeks voting follows the format of the previous weeks – there aren’t any specific options (e.g. Symbian or MeeGo) but rather a general description of how the OS should work (multitasking, limited multitasking or singletasking), where the information should be kept (the “cloud” or locally?) and what kind of sensors and types interactions will serve as input for this imagined OS.

You can study the sliders yourself, but I think this is the most challenging week of Design by Community yet.

For example, a GPS receiver enables things like “near me now” type searches, geo-tag photos or even tweets. But how would a temperature sensor help? The simplest suggestion is to dynamically change the wallpaper for hot or cold, but could it, say, detect the heat from your hand so that the phone knows you’re holding it and how would that change the standard GUI interactions?

The “thought-controlled” option might seem like science fiction, but there are a few simple thought-controlled games around. Plus, thinking “zoom in” to zoom in the gallery is cooler than any pinch zoom I’ve seen.



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