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CNET put together a list of the highest SAR values for phones sold in the US

Radiation from gadgets has long been a serious concern. There have been plenty of reports of people getting sick or having allergic reactions to gadgets of all kinds, and even though some have been debunked, the whole thing shouldn’t be dismissed completely.

CNET have put together a Top 20 list of phones sold in the US that emit the most radiation…

Before a phone (or any other mobile gadget for that matter) can be sold in the US, it must first pass through FCC testing. Part of that testing is determining the maximum levels of radiation emitted by phone during a call. In order to pass, that level must not be higher than 1.6W/kg.

Here are some of the interesting entries into CNET’s Top 20:

  • Motorola DROID – 1.49 W/kg
  • BlackBerry Bold – 1.51 W/kg
  • Nokia E71x – 1.53 W/kg
  • BlackBerry Curve 8330 – 1.54 W/kg

And on top is the Motorola V135 at the maximum allowed level of 1.6 W/kg.

Check out the rest of the list here. CNET also promises to put up a Top 20 of the lowest-radiation phones.

If you’re interested in the SAR values for a specific phone, you can check out the specifications over at – we list both the US and the EU measurements (the testing procedures are different).

The SAR information is at the bottom of the specifications for each phone, just bellow the Battery section.



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