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Mobile data usage in 2015 will grow 40 times, over half of that will be mobile video

The year is 2015 – only five years from now. The Mayans were wrong and the world didn’t end in 2012. The data traffic from mobile phones in the US alone has plummeted to 327 petabytes a month, up from the measly 8 PB/mo way back in 2010.

That’s the future folks, according to predictions anyway…

Coda Research Consultancy used their magic crystal balls and have predicted that the carriers will be getting 87% of their revenue out of mobile data (not counting SMS charges) in 2015, when 98% of mobile Internet traffic will come from smartphones (and just 2% from feature phones).

The main culprit behind this surge in data traffic will be mobile video – up to 68.5% of data usage. So, in 2015, 95 million people will be watching cats playing pianos or something (out of 158 million mobile data users in total).

Estimates show that if carriers left their networks as they are right now and don’t upgrade them, by 2012 the maximum capacity will be reached (again with the year 2012 thing). So, better get moving and start rolling out 4G networks, I guess.



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