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Around 3 million iPads in 80 days – Apple manages the third million in just three weeks

One, two, three… million iPads sold already. iPad sales reached the two million mark in the end of May and now, barely over 20 days later, another million iPads have found their way to their happy owners. By the looks of it, sales are picking up the pace…

…which is what we expected too. The faster pace is probably due to the expanded availability and the introduction of the 3G version of the iPad.

It has taken Apple 80 days to sell 3 million units of their self-proclaimed “magical” tablet. The first and second million took about the same amount of time – about 30 days, but Apple managed to sell the third million in just 20 days, a good 30% faster.

The apps made just for the iPad are growing fast too. They’ve more than doubled in those 20 days – there are now over 11,000 iPad apps in the market, in addition to the 200,000+ apps for the iPhone/iPod that the iPad can use as well.

There are plenty of tablets showing up from all corners of rumorland – mostly Android-based tablets (the Samsung Tape and the Huawei S7 to mention a few), but Windows 7 ones too (like the Asus EEE Pads), even MeeGo tablets. Still, a million iPads in three weeks is impressive every way you slice it and the guys at Apple can sleep soundly for now.

In fact, if anything can slow the breakneck speed with which iPads are flying off the shelf, it is the iPhone 4 launch. Judging by the overwhelming server-crashing number of pre-orders, most people’s next Apple gadget will be an iPhone 4.



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