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Facebook finally sorts its chat system out, hiding it is re-enabled

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In the heat of the social network war between Google+ and Facebook, making mistakes, however simple they are, is not an option. Nevertheless, about a month ago in its effort to shine brighter than the constantly growing presence and usage of Google’s social service, Facebook made a rushed decision. And, as it usually happens with rushed things, it don’t end up much good.

The decision in question involved bringing Facebook chat onto the screen. Permanently. There wasn’t any option to close it or even minimize it. The list of all your friends regardless of their status was poking you in the eyes constantly. Not only was this annoying to look at and use, but it was also messing up with social network’s recent chat integration with Skype. And that was just not cool, making more people look even more in Google+’s direction. Read more »

PayPal files a lawsuit against Google after Wallet’s announcement

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Well, it didn’t take so long for yet another lawsuit filled against Google. Just after the announcement of Google Wallet and Offers yesterday, the online money transfer giant PayPal filled a 28-page claim (get the PDF).

It turns out that Osama Bedier, currently working as Vice President of Payments in Google previously worked at PayPal as a mobile payment executive and thus misappropriated PayPal’s trade secrets by joining Google.

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Apple iPad 2 enters production, could it use a Super PLS LCD by Samsung?

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According to a Wall Street Journal report, the second generation of the Apple iPad has now entered production. This means that the iPad 2 will be ready to ship the end of February. Last year we had to wait till April to get it.

WSJ also suggests that the fancy ultra high-resolution screen we’ve been having dreams about won’t make it to the new Apple iPad 2. Instead, the current screen with resolution of 1024 by 768 pixels will be used. Read more »

Samsung Touch Control TV reinvents the remote control, copies iPhone 4 design

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Samsung’s new generation of HDTVs is pretty sleek, we admit. But the remote control that they come bundled with is quite amazing on its own. Why? Just take a look at it. Does it remind you of something? Yeah, we thought so too.

Samsung Touch Control TV

The RMC30D Touch Control TV, as Samsung has kindly named it, shines with a 3” touch display and ton of features that aren’t very remote-control-ish. Read more »