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Facebook updates profile page, sums up your entire life in three lines

Facebook has been doing some redecoration to the profile page template and they’ve made it a better representation of you. The new Profile page starts with a concise summary (where you work, live, what languages you speak, etc.) and follows that up with a perfect incarnation of the “a picture is worth a thousand words” mantra…

This, for example, is a screenshot of the Profile page for one the Facebook engineers that worked on the redesign. I’ve never even heard of him before but I might as well have spent 15 minutes talking to him – and we’ve already covered the usual “Hey, what do you do?” type of questions.

This sounds like something friends should already know but right after this very brief summary of your life comes a lineup of recently tagged photos, which should give your actual friends a better impression of what you’ve been up to lately.

The new Profile page also lets you list a detailed job history – right down to what projects you’ve worked on and who worked alongside you. It’s not just work, you can list your education and hobbies the same way.

There are other improvements as well – check out the post over at the Facebook blog for more details. The rollout of the new Profile page will be gradual, but you can also upgrade immediately (hit the Get the New Profile button after you sign in).



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