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Nokia and AT&T give 10 million US dollars for the best Symbian apps for the US

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Today Nokia USA and AT&T announced the North American Calling Innovators Contest with 10 million US dollars prize. Symbian developers from all over the globe are invited to create Nokia N8-compatible apps and games for the US market.

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Facebook might be working on a phone (Update: Not really)

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Long story short. Facebook is building something secretly from its employees and only the high-level management is familiar with the project. The secret project is about software development and Joe Hewitt and Matthew Papakipos are working on it. Hewitt previously created the Facebook iPhone app and the Facebook iPhone website plus the popular Firefox extension Firebug. He’s also worked in Netscape during the creation of Firefox. Papakipos on the other side is a former member of the Chrome OS team (HTML5 was his specialty) plus he’s been involved in some hardware projects.

So about that Facebook phone…
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The Sony Ericsson XPERIA family Android update roadmap leaks

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After the video from the other day demonstrating a Sony Ericsson XPERIA X10 running Android 2.1 now we get to take a look at the XPERIA family Android update roadmap, which surfaced recently. The bad news is there is no word on Froyo updates headed for the XPERIA family members.

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Beta of iOS 4.2 for iPad shows off multitasking, unified inbox, folders and more

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The iPad was skipped when the iOS 4.1 update came – but it will be getting v4.2 in a few months. This new version will unlock the potential of the iPad that is currently locked down – multitasking, combined email inbox, folders and other goodies well-known from the iPhone. The sftware beta was published yesterday by Apple and initial reports are very positive…

iOS 4.2 will bring much needed improvements to the iPad

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Nokia updates Ovi Maps to v3.06, adds public transport lines, live traffic and safety cameras

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Nokia has just launched the latest version of the Ovi Maps app for mobile devices. The new v3.06 brings along a handful of improvements including revamped user interface, better search experience, maps with public transport lines and more.

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Google Maps on Android gets Walking Navigation, Street View Smart Navigation and new search bar

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The mobile Google Maps app just got better. Google has just announced a handful of new features coming to the Android version of the Google Maps application. Meet the Walking Navigation, the Street View Smart Navigation as well as the new search bar, which are all a quick application update away from your handset.

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First Windows Phone 7 Asus smartphone surfaces, extensive hands-on video inside

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First Windows Phone 7 devices are closing in from all directions and some of them have already started surfacing online. One of them, the first Windows Phone 7 Asus smartphone, just showed up in an extensive hands-on video.

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Nokia Beta Labs update Ovi Browser beta, improve rendering and performance

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A while back, Nokia Beta Labs released the Ovi Browser beta – a Java-based web browser for S40 phones that walked and quacked like Opera Mini 4.2. Users of the beta seem to have provided good feedback, because now Beta Labs announced an update for the app with new features and fixes.

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SPB Mobile Shell will come pre-installed on Sony Ericsson Vivaz and Vivaz pro in APAC region

by 19 comments

Sony Ericsson and SPB Software have been collaborating for a long while – the last combined effort from them that we’ve seen was the Sony Ericsson Aspen. Now, Sony Ericsson will be bundling the Vivaz and Vivaz pro with a tailor made SPB Mobile Shell in the Asia-Pacific region…

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Samsung Galaxy Tab benchmark results are out, sweeps the floor with Galaxy S

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We managed to snatch a Galaxy Tab off the show floor and we ran a few regular Android benchmarks on it. Here go the shots, so you can see them for yourself.

Samsung Galaxy TabSamsung Galaxy Tab Samsung Galaxy Tab
Samsung Galaxy Tab benchmarks results

And now that you’ve seen those, check the Samsung Galaxy S Android 2.1 benchmarks that we’ve done for our regular review.
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Android keyboard shootout and your chance to get a beta Swype invite waiting inside

by 547 comments, a support site for Samsung smartphone users, has put together a nice shootout between the available software keyboards for Android OS. They have put through their paces the stock Android 2.1 keyboard, Better Keyboard, Swype, TouchPal, SwiftKey Beta, and ThickButtons.

While you should definitely check their shootout, the best way of picking a keyboard is testing it yourself.

While you can get pretty much all of those on your handset today, there’s one exception. If you own an Android smartphone that doesn’t have Swype preinstalled by the manufacturer, the only official way of tasting the Swype way of inputting text was by joining their closed beta program, which unfortunately has been closed for some time now.

Swype however has decided to give out a limited number of invites to the program. We have a total of 20 of those and we are going to give all of those to you, our readers.
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First Symbian-compatible Swype beta now available

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After showing up on a bunch of Android and Windows Mobile devices (including the Samsung Galaxy Tab which has just been announced) the heavy texters’ dream come true, Swype, is finally ready to say hi the Symbian touch phones out there.

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Don’t update your DROID X with the leaked Android 2.2 ROM, says Motorola

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Motorola warns every Droid X owner not to update with the leaked Android 2.2 ROM. The reason is simple – there is no way to update your device with the official firmware in September. Or at least that’s what Moto says.

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Sony Ericsson XPERIA X10 to jumps to Android 2.1 before the end of September

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It’s finally coming, folks. The XPERIA X10 Eclair update is just around the corner, less than a month away from hitting your X10 device (along with hopefully some sweet 720p video recording).

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Voice calls coming to your Gmail inbox soon

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Rumor has it, you’ll be soon able to make voice calls directly from your Gmail inbox. Groundbreaking? I don’t know. But the important thing is this makes things much easier. No need to download dedicated apps or whatsoever.

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