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Nokia and AT&T give 10 million US dollars for the best Symbian apps for the US

Today Nokia USA and AT&T announced the North American Calling Innovators Contest with 10 million US dollars prize. Symbian developers from all over the globe are invited to create Nokia N8-compatible apps and games for the US market.

The developers will participate into 17 categories – six gaming and eleven different general application one (business, entertainment, imagining, video, social and location). Three winners will be picked for each category by a special Nokia and AT&T jury.

Every winner will get a 150 000 US dollars award, while the category prize winner will receive additional 100 000 US dollars bonus to those.

The software developers have the full Nokia and AT&T support and the opportunity to upload their apps to the Ovi Store.

The Qt dev tools have been available for a while and now seems a good time the developers start building some killer Symbian apps.



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