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Android 2.2 Froyo blazes past iOS4 on the JavaScript track

by 680 comments

I just stumbled upon an interesting comparison between the iOS4 and Android 2.2 and thought you it might interest you. With both running on 1GHz CPUs (the Snapdragon Scorpion core vs the iPhone Cortex-A8) the results come up somewhat surprising (for me at least).

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MeeGo-running Moorestown-based Aava prototype caught in the wild

by 245 comments

While we’re still waiting for Nokia to announce its first MeeGo-powered device, the Moorestown-based Aava Mobile smartphone has already started cropping up around the globe. It has just been caught in the wild and a video is about to show up within the next couple of days.

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Silverlight plug-in for Symbian^1 gets out of beta, available now

by 14 comments

We may never see Flash on iOS, but that’s not stopping other OSes. The newer and less popular Silverlight, which is Microsoft’s alternative to Flash, is spreading to mobile OSes too – the Symbian^1 version just became available in the Ovi Store.

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Augmented reality games on mobile phones to become a true reality

by 242 comments

Qualcomm have a serious plan in action to make mobile gaming even better and more profitable. First is the Augmented Reality SDK they will release soon – free of charge along with a 200,000 US dollar developers’ competition.

The second part is even better and extends beyond AR games – the key word is interoperability. Specifically, make the games on several different platforms, connected in a peer-to-peer network for multiplayer gaming that is not limited to single platform… Read more »

Statistics says most Android apps are free, Microsoft needs to lure in more developers for WinMo

by 20 comments

Digging through statistics for the various app stores reveals interesting things about each platform – for example, Android is still the king of free apps, the most popular entries in the Apple App Store are almost exclusively games, and Windows Mobile still lives with it’s Mom, half of apps in the Windows Marketplace are written by Microsoft…

Distribution of prices in the various app stores

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Over 1000 of iOS developers cheating with Android?

by 763 comments

Google or Apple? Why not Gapple?! 3 percent of app developers are cheating on the iOS with its major rival, the Android platform. And if we look at it from another point of view, numbers get even more exciting: over 15 percent of Android’s developers have already released iOS-loving applications as well.

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Mozilla releases Firefox 1.1 for Nokia N900 and N810, hands-on video inside

by 28 comments

Here comes Firefox 1.1 web browser for Maemo-based devices such as the Nokia N810 and the more recent Nokia N900. There are only a few new things brought by the latest mobile version of the popular web browser but those are certainly worth a look.

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Samsung Dives into Wave and Galaxy S with remote lock/wipe service

by 25 comments

Remote lock/wipe functionality is a nice thing to have because it gives you a peace of mind – if you ever lost your phone, you can make sure no one else can get to your private data or even use the phone itself.

Samsung’s free Dive service for the Samsung I9000 Galaxy S and the S8500 Wave can do just that and also helps locate your phone… Read more »

LG updates its application store, now available in 23 countries

by 819 comments

Last year LG launched their own application store starting with 1400 titles. Initially it was available only in Australia and Singapore.

Today LG unveiled its new version and made it available in 21 more countries. The LG Applications store is currently offering more than 1800 apps, 1000 wallpapers and 200 ringtones.

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HTC HD2 triple-boots WinMo 6.5 with Sense, Android 2.1 and Ubuntu

by 19 comments

We probably won’t seen a GSM version of the HTC EVO 4G. Not officially anyway – the ever resourceful people from XDA Developers are busy porting Android and Ubuntu (yes, Ubuntu) on the HTC HD2, which WiMAX connectivity aside is identical to the EVO 4G…

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Early handset-loving MeeGo build released and demoed

by 168 comments

As promised, Nokia has just released a version of the MeeGo platform for mobile phones. This is still quite an early build though, so many of the components are missing or unstable. However, the handset baseline source code is just about fine and that should be great news for the eager application developers. By releasing the early MeeGo Handset Day1 build Nokia also makes the last step to the merger of Moblin and Maemo.

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European HTC Hero finally gets Android 2.1 Eclair update

by 896 comments

Rejoice Hero owners around Europe – your time has come. After several months, a dozen of broken promises on the HTC side, the Eclair 2.1 update is finally making its way to unlocked Hero units around the old continent.

As we speak an 80 MB update is being pushed to devices purchased SIM free across Europe. Read more »

Nokia N900 gets Android 2.2 Froyo, blazing fast web browser

by 728 comments

There’s just no stopping the Maemo community. Most of the Android world is still waiting to get a Froyo update (not to mention that some are still stuck on Cupcake and Donut), but a skilled developer managed to get the latest version of the Google OS up and running on a Nokia N900. And the video that comes to prove his achievement is pretty impressive (the pile of garbage used as background aside).

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Opera Mini users browse mostly at night, monthly report shows

by 441 comments

Opera have kept their tradition of including a fun fact about mobile browsing in their monthly State of the Mobile Web report. This time it concerns the preferred time of day for web browsing and it reveals a few interesting numbers.

It turns out that in all of the top 10 countries (in terms of Opera usage that is), the highest level of Opera Mini use is at the tail end of the day – from 8 p.m. to midnight. Read more »

iOS 4.01 update may roll out tomorrow to fix your reception issues

by 65 comments

The iPhone 4 reception problems may be bound for a quick and painless death as Apple purportedly prepares iOS 4.01 update for the iPhone 4G. If it’s a software issue I’m sure Apple will fix it, but what about the “you’re holding it wrong” stuff?

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