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First games to use iPhone 4 gyroscopes impress on video

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When the iPhone 4 was first announced, I wasn’t quite sure what the big deal about the gyroscope was. What can you do with it that can’t be done with an accelerometer? Well, now I know – it’s amazingly accurate, which leads to fun-looking games like Eliminate: Gun Range…

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Google Maps for Android updated to v4.3, Google Voice graduates from beta, open to everyone

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The latest version 4.3 of Google Maps has been released for download. It updates the users experience in several ways – some of which more subtle than others.

Not only you can get upcoming public transport schedules so you can see when is the next bus or train leaving, but also there are color-coded review aggregations of places to eat so you don’t have to go through all reviews individually.

Google Maps 4.3 for Android
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First demo of MeeGo for Handhelds to be launched in a week

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A pre-Alpha version of MeeGo Handheld is expected to show up in only a week’s time – on 30 June, according to Valtteri Halla, director of MeeGo software at Nokia. The full Handheld release of the Maemo reincarnation is slated for October release, but this early pre-release will include images of the user interface (perhaps mockupslike these) and an SDK for developers.

Meego UI

Valtteri Halla is also promising the first MeeGo handset to ship in the second half of 2010 – obviously a successor of Nokia N900.

It would be interesting to see whether the handset version will look anything close to the tablet version demoed here.


redsn0w now jailbreaks and hacktivates iOS 4 loaded iPhone 3G and iPod Touch 2G

by 13 comments

Users running the latest iOS4 on their iPhone 3G or iPod Touch 2G just got lucky. They can easily jailbreak and even hactivate their devices thanks to the newly released version of redsn0w.

iPhone jailbreak

Update 23 June: Pwnage Tool v.4.01 has just been released. It’s a Mac-only tool but would allow you to jailbreak iPhone 3GS too (besides iPhone 3G and iPod Touch 2G).
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Everybody gets 50% discount on apps in Palm’s App catalog until 9 July

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Palm is throwing a summer promotion and you can get whatever app you’d like from their middling AppCatalog 50% off the regular price. The offer is valid from 18 June to 9 July.

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Motorola Droid X – a giant phone or a mini tablet?

by 322 comments

Motorola Droid X is one of those phones that just can’t stop popping up. After numerous pictures, hints and information, now we are able to gather almost a complete specs sheet.

Even more, the guys over at Engadget had the opportunity to play with Droid X and reportedly, it looks good. Yeah, it’s big, but definitely full of awesomeness.

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HTC Hero firmware prep update rolling out, Android 2.1 to follow by the end of the month

by 14 comments

HTC Europe is releasing today a firmware upgrade to the HTC Hero. It’s still not the eagerly waited Android 2.1. update, but it’s close.
The update released today is actually a preparation for the full Android 2.1 rollout, which should also wipe the full HTC Hero system memory.

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Pinch zooming solved for any Windows Mobile device with a resistive screen

by 9 comments

If pinch zooming was the one thing you’ve missed on your Windows Mobile smartphone you shouldn’t worry on that anymore. The resistive screen of your smartphone will not bug you anymore. A third-party developer has found a solution allowing you to pinch zoom on any WinMo device in the most suitable apps such as web browser, gallery, maps, etc.

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Here are the most popular applications for iPhone, Android and BlackBerry

by 317 comments

Nowadays people are able to choose from a huge variety of applications for their mobile phones. But, as a recent survey reveals, the general preferences are actually similar and we go for the same apps. No matter what the platforms our phones are based on.

The following charts are based on a survey that Nielsen made among 4200 people who have downloaded an app in the past 30 days. Read more »

The future of magazines is now: meet the Time magazine iPad app

by 202 comments

You may have heard me calling the iPad a “giant iPod touch” and while I still think it is exactly that, the way I perceive what it’s worth has started changing. And here is the next reason for that: the iPad-loving electronic version of the popular Time magazine. Who thought that e-books will get that far?

The most amazing thing about the Time magazine iPad app is not the concept behind it but the fact that it has been brought to real life. It looks almost unreal. Read more »

HTC Droid Incredible finally rooted

by 450 comments

The Verizon’s jewel HTC Droid Incredible has been finally rooted. The user-friendly tools are cooking right now and soon will be available for mass consumption.

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iOS 4 Gold out for all compatible iPhone and iPod Touch devices

by 11 comments

Yesterday, Apple released the gold version of iOS 4 for all registered developers. Today it can be installed on any compatible iPhone/iPod Touch via the latest iTunes 9.2 beta.

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Nokia N8 video preview part 2: USB host demo and video editor snoozefest

by 45 comments

Today Nokia released the second video of their N8 overview trilogy. Focusing mostly on image gallery, image and video editing the clip also shows the USB host functionality of the phone in action.

To be honest editing videos or photos on a mobile phone was never my thing so I almost fell asleep somewhere in the middle of it but I was still able to learn a few things about the Nokia latest flagship. Read more »

HP didn’t buy Palm to be in the smartphone business? Updated

by 208 comments

HP CEO Mark Hurd shared in a recent interview that HP didn’t buy Palm because of their smartphone business, but for the webOS. Does that mean it’s the end of Palm cellphones as we know them?

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Mobile Google Search now returns results from Apple App Store and Android Market too

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Google often introduces small but helpful updates to Search, Maps and their other services. And you can add this new bit into the ‘Why didn’t they think of this sooner?’ column. Google Mobile Search on Android phones and iPhones now lists results from the respective app stores along with the usual results…

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