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Éclair becomes the Android community favorite dessert, fragmentation is still strong

by 458 comments

The Android OS development continues to amaze the mobile world – more than 10 thousand applications joined the Android market last month alone and about 12 000 more are expected in May. However the main weakness of the platform developed by the Open Handset Alliance remains its fragmentation.

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Adobe vs. Apple war continues, Android 2.2 thrown in the battle

by 204 comments

Adobe and Apple won’t stop at anything to prove each other wrong and now Adobe have found a valuable ally in Google and their Android OS. As we are expecting Google’s announcement of Flash-flaunting Android 2.2 (Froyo) tomorrow, Adobe have already prepared a list of Flash-enabled websites to demonstrate the new Flash prowess Nexus one and Motorola DROID will get as soon as they update to Android 2.2.

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Nokia’s *Calling All Innovators* contest lets developers win up to 400 000 US dollars

by 178 comments

It’s no secret that the Ovi store is losing the application count battle big time but Nokia are doing everything they can to fix that. This year’s “Calling All Innovators” developer’s contest will give away almost 400 000 US dollars in cash prizes to the best applications.

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Street View is watching you, like everything else with the Google logo on it

by 26 comments

Google is watching you, every email, every web search. And, apparently, it’s also snooping on your Wi-Fi network. As it turns out, Google has been collecting the information sent over many non-password-protected Wi-Fi networks during their Street View tours. And that’s been going on for years!

Up until now I thought of the Street View as of a remarkable idea. Actually, even now, after this disturbing news, I think it’s Google Maps’ greatest feature. But what is that spying obsession?

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Google decorate their backyard with a giant Froyo statue, Android 2.2 coming in less than a week

by 8 comments

With the Google I/O Developer Event coming in less than a week (19 May), the world is already getting ready for some major announcements. And just so happens that Google placed a giant statue of Frozen Yogurt in their backyard. You know, right next to the giant Cupcake, Donut and Éclair.

Jeez, I wonder what could it be that Google have in store for us?


Office Mobile 2010 gets previewed, the Presentation Companion gets good marks

by 517 comments

Windows Mobile 6.5 users got a free upgrade to Office Mobile 2010 just a couple of days ago and the first previews of the software have already hit the Internet. Looking at the screenshots though, it’s hard to tell what they’ve changed – it looks the same…

Ars Technica has put together a quick preview of Office Mobile 2010 and have found that when editing documents, a stylus is still more accurate than a finger. The upgrade brings new versions of Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote and adds the SharePoint Workspace application. Read more »

HTC Hero will get Android 2.1 in June all over Europe

by 17 comments

HTC has postponed the Hero update several times for the past few months. It’s now targeting June for international release of the Hero Éclair update across all Europe.

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Adobe launches an ad campaign against Apple

by 308 comments

Propaganda is a powerful weapon in war, they say, and both parties in the Adobe vs. Apple conflict don’t hesitate to use it. Today it’s Adobe’s turn to strike as they launched a full-fledged ad campaign against their Flash’s new arch enemy.

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Google Maps for Android gets biking directions

by 608 comments

There is a new 4.2 version of Google Maps for Android. It adds biking directions, Navigation shortcut and place sharing.

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Ubisoft announces new Assassin’s Creed – Brotherhood

by 440 comments

Yesterday Ubisoft revealed the next installment into the Assassin’s Creed series – Brotherhood. The fight with the Templar Order is brought in ancient Rome, where you will command entire brotherhood of assassins.

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Android OS v2.2 a.k.a. Froyo is about 450% faster than the Ecalir (v2.1)

by 16 comments

While we’re still waiting for Android OS v2.2 a.k.a. Froyo to become officially available there are plenty of developer-intended devices around the globe that already run it. And as it turns out the latest version of the Android OS is way faster than its predecessor, the Eclair.

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Quake strikes again – the Quake 3 now runs on Nexus One

by 242 comments

After the invasion on Nokia N900 and Motorola MILESTONE, Quake 3 has now been ported on the Google Nexus One. It runs on medium 3D settings, but still feels good.

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New and improved Dolphin Browser HD hits the Android Market

by 463 comments

The new version of the popular Dolphin Browser is compatible with Android 2.x. It comes with plenty of features and tools, user-friendly touch-optimized UI and improved overall performance.

The notable features packed within Dolphin HD are the add-ons support, tabbed browsing, bookmarks sorting, automatic RSS recognition and YouTube video downloader.

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Android OS now further ported to the iPhone 3G too

by 402 comments

You’ve seen the guy running an Android OS port on their iPhone 2G phone and you’ve got your hands itching to give it a try? Boy, you’ll be glad to hear you are now able to install a similar Android OS port on your shiny iPhone 3G as well.

David Wang and a couple of his friends managed to port the Android OS on the iPhone 3G. It has almost full functionality and seems to work great.

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Google Goggles updated with scan-text-to-translate feature

by 589 comments

The cool Android app Google Goggles has been updated with an awesome new feature. It is now capable of scanning and translating text along with its base functionality of recognizing buildings and places.

The translation works as expected – you point your device at some text, take a picture and you get your translation. Note that you may select only a specific area of interest, not the whole thing in front of you. Read more »