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Vivaz homescreen ported to Satio, 720p video recording in the works

I’m sure many of you thought about the difference between Vivaz and Satio and why the 12 megapixel camera of the Satio couldn’t record 720p videos. The Vivaz has an advantage over Satio with its slightly faster 720 MHz processor, but is that really the problem?

Since Samsung Omnia HD uses the same hardware and Symbian OS as Sony Ericsson Satio, it’s fair enough to ask why the ex-Idou is limited to VGA video capturing.

Well a guy called Raafat Akkad will try to undo the injustice by porting the Vivaz goodies to Satio.

His first step was to give us the new Vivaz homescreen along with an ambient light sensor enabler. The patch is now version 2 and should be pretty clean of bugs. If you own a Satio and you’re interested into having the upgraded Vivaz homescreen and/or really want your ambient light sensor working – you may consult with this blog and see how it’s done.

Raafat Akkad is now working on the 720p for Satio. Let’s hope he will succeed and make the Satio users around the globe happier than Steve Jobs when their latest financial results came out.


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