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Google Nexus One users – go get your HTC Sense UI with Flash 10.1

The HTC Desire was just announced last week and somebody already has gutted its software internals and ported them in a nice package for Nexus One users to use and abuse. Android 2.1 OS, HTC Sense UI eye-candy and full Flash 10.1 support are among the goodies you get if you flash your Nexus One with the custom unofficial firmware.

The hacked HTC Desire ROM is easy to install but it’s still in alpha stage, so I suggest regular users should still keep away from it. But keeping an eye on the project is definitely a must.

If you decide to give it a try, do it at your own risk. With full Flash support on board you will have a more capable web browser, but I’m not sure of the performance cost. So if you go for it, drop us a line how it works in the comments.

Here is a full and easy tutorial how to install the Desire ROM on your Nexus One.


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