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Samsung I9100 Galaxy S II does 8 hours and 5 minutes of video playback on a single charge

We’ve just completed the first of our dedicated Samsung I9100 Galaxy S II battery tests. We decided to start with the dedicated video playback test and we have to admit, we are pretty pleased with the results.

The new Samsung flagship went through the pretty good 8 hours and 5 minutes of video playback before its battery level dropped to 10%, at which point the video player automatically switched off.

To put this in perspective the original Galaxy S endured 7 hours and 25 minutes, when we put it to a similar test a year ago, so obviously there’s quite a notable improvement.

The 4.3” Samsung I9100 Galaxy S II even nears the Samsung S8500 Wave achievement of 8 hours and 40 minutes, but still neither of those is able to match the category champion – the iPhone 4 – with its whopping result of 9 hours and 40 minutes.

Here’s how we tested in case you want to try this at home – we loop a standard definition Xvid video with a bitrate of 384kbit/s. The screen brightness is set to 50% and the speakerphone volume at 10%. The movie we picked had a moderate amount of dark scenes, so the result will probably vary if you pick a particularly dark or bright one, due to the specifics of the Super AMOLED Plus display.

We’ll be bringing several more Samsung Galaxy S II battery tests over the next few days so if you happen to take any interest in the topic – stay tuned!


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