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PlayStation Move controller official site launches, shows off sports games package

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While we’re still waiting for Project Natal for the Xbox, the PlayStation Move controller website went live. Just in time to generate some buzz before the E3 convention that starts next week.

There are some promo videos on the site, which would have us believe that the Move controller is actually a lightsaber golf club…

Well, if Darth Vader was to retire, Read more »

We won’t see a Moorestown tablet like this one at least another six months

by 25 comments

Tablets are a hot commodity these days and it seems almost every company has a prototype on display at this year’s Computex. Unfortunately, there are only few tablets available on the market despite the huge demand. It’s like all hardware companies either totally missed this wave of touchscreen tablet love or manufacturers simply lack the optimized OS needed for creating a compelling tablet computer.

Whatever may be the case, the Intel’s Moorestown platform currently seems as one of the most promising upcoming tablet solutions. The Quanta Redvale tablet shown off by Intel at Computex is a living proof.
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84-inch UltraHD panel from LG is bound to become world’s biggest 3D screen

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Everybody loves bigger and bigger TVs, but at what point do they get TOO big? 3D panels are obviously going there as LG are about to present the world’s largest 3D panel – a monstrous 84-inch giant with UltraHD resolution.

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Google TV brings the web to your TV

by 18 comments

Seemingly bored with its quest for total domination of the personal computer and smartphone, Google just announced its new and upcoming service called Google TV. Television is a huge ad market with 4 billion users around the globe using it actively and Google plans to revolutionize it.

The concept behind Google TV is to merge the web with your TV so you can enjoy all those videos available online on the largest and best screen in your home – the one of your TV set. Read more »

iPod touch with camera leaks on photos and video, the world ponders

by 14 comments

Those Vietnamese from Tinh Te are on fire with the Apple leaks recently. After posting photos of a next-gen iPhone last week, they now have a camera-equipped iPod Touch to show us.

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Swedish retailer puts Project Natal at $200, probably jumped the gun

by 432 comments

Earlier this is year, we heard that Project Natal would cost below 80 US dollars – skyrocketing its entertainment-to-price ratio to infinity. The Move controller for the Sony PlayStation, which supposedly has a similar price, but not much more coolness than the Wii controller.

However, Swedish retailers have put up Project Natal on their site for quite a bit more than those 80 bucks that everybody hoped for… Read more »

Dell Streak (a.k.a. Mini 5) goes to O2 in June, AT&T launch scheduled for later this summer

by 13 comments

What a nice surprise! The 5-inch MID Dell Streak (or maybe you know it as the Dell Mini 5) will apparently hit the shelves in Europe first. The Streak will be launched by O2 across the Old Continent next month. The US fans will have to wait a little longer to get it since it will arrive at AT&T stores later this summer.

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Project Natal for Xbox 360 will be released in October

by 606 comments

It seems Microsoft are in a hurry to launch their next generation controller – the motion-sensing camera Natal – because their new target release is somewhere in October, instead of the previously announced holiday season.

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ClamCase for iPad will turn it into a netbook, sort of

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Not another iPad post, no! Sorry guys, we’re just excited over our new office gadget and that’s why it’s getting all the attention of us bloggers. As usual, if you don’t like a post, just skip it, alright?

Now the new iPad topic of the day is the ClamCase for iPad. It’s actually a 3-in-1 gadget – a Bluetooth keyboard, a stylish 360-degree flip case and a positioning stand. Inserting your iPad in the ClamCase will make it look just like a netbook. I bet Steve Jobs is clenching his teeth right now somewhere out there.

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Both Microsoft and HP are canceling their tablets?

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Word on the street is that Microsoft gave up on their rumored Courier tablet. But as it turns out, this isn’t the only company that is going to change its plans of upcoming tablet computers. Rumor has it that we won’t see the highly anticipated Windows-7-based HP Slate either. Sigh!

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Sony Dash launches, it’s a Personal Internet Viewer that misses the point

by 320 comments

Sony just launched the Sony Dash – a “Personal Internet Viewer” (it’s sort of like an Internet-oriented tablet). Not bad for 200 US dollars, right? It would have been if there weren’t a key Internet application missing…

The Sony Dash is like a combo between a tablet and an bedside alarm clock from the future. It has a 7” WVGA capacitive touchscreen with multi-touch capabilities and Wi-Fi connectivity (b and g).
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The iPad torn to pieces, the 1GHz A4 CPU turns out an overclocked iPhone 3GS CPU?

by 37 comments

You’ve probably heard all about Apple’s new iPad. Everybody obviously loves the snappiness of the thing and the 1GHz A4 CPU that ticks inside obviously plays a big role in that.

Well, since the guys over at iFixIt tore the thing down, they’ve been working hard on figuring what’s finding what’s hiding under the packaging. And it turned out an overclocked Cortex A8 CPU – the same processor the iPhone 3GS uses at 600MHz.

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500 LED flashlight will turn your night into day

by 23 comments

If you are looking for a flashlight powerful enough to illuminate the Great Wall of China, then by all means take a moment to check this out. This guy has put together some 500 five millimeter super-bright white LEDs and created this big-ass flashlight that you can see in action in the video after the break.

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Xbox 360 firmware update adds USB Flash support, coming on 6 April

by 17 comments

Microsoft announced they will release new firmware update for their Xbox 360 console, which will add USB flash drives support. You will be able to download it on 6 April.

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Nintendo announces new portable console – Nintendo 3DS

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Nintendo just announced the 3DS, the successor of the popular portable console Nintendo DS. The Nintendo 3DS will integrate completely new technology – 3D screen, which doesn’t even need 3D glasses.

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