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The first Samsung Galaxy Player 50 goes on sale in France

by 802 comments

The YP-G50 Galaxy Player was announced back at IFA 2010, but there was no release date mentioned. It seems Samsung is ready to rival the iPods Touch because it’s shipping the first batch of YP-G50 Android-based players as we speak (at least in France, that is).

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PlayStation Move Shooting Attachment premieres along with the dedicated The Shoot game

by 10 comments

All fans that miss 8-bit Nintendo (NES) gun will have the wonderful opportunity to experience the feeling once again. Thanks to the PlayStation Move Shooting Attachment you can turn your Move controller into a gun and go hunting ducks…erhhh zombies.

The Move has already been on the move for some time, but it’s just today when the shooting attachment becomes available for 20 US dollars.

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Samsung Galaxy Tab enjoys Gorilla Glass protection for its 7-inch screen

by 17 comments

The Galaxy Tab was announced a month ago but details about it are continuing to surface. Take this one, for instance. The Froyo-serving tablet is packing a scratch-resistant Gorilla Glass. And this isn’t the only device in the Samsung lineup to have one of those. The Galaxy S (in all of its forms) features a Gorilla Glass as well.

Gorilla Glass is a thin but robust translucent glass that has a special coating making it not only easy to clean, but also heavy-duty resistant to the daily wear and tear.

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Nintendo 3DS specs revealed, hits Japan in February, Europe and USA in March

by 18 comments

Nintendo 3DS specifications, release dates and price have been finally revealed. The new portable console will cost 250 euro in Japan and will be released on 26 February. Europe and USA launch will follow in March on a similar price.

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Samsung Spain offers free keyboard dock with Samsung P1000 Galaxy Tab

by 15 comments

Keyboard accessories seem quite popular with tablets – the iPad has one, the Samsung P1000 Galaxy Tab has one too. And if you buy a Galaxy Tab in Spain you can have one too – for free…

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720p video capture plus a pocket projector – that’s 3M Shoot-N-Share

by 6 comments

3M Shoot-N-Share is a nice pocket gadget capable of capturing 720p videos. But its most important feature is the integrated pico projector for showing your works directly on the wall.

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Cheaper, Wi-Fi-only Samsung Tab in the works

by 449 comments

It’s been a couple of weeks since Samsung introduced its first Android-running 3G and Wi-Fi capable Galaxy Tab and now rumor is the company is about to release a more affordable Wi-Fi-only version of the tablet.

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Apple iPod touch, nano and shuffle get facelift, iTunes 10 with Ping and improved Apple TV introduced

by 27 comments

As expected, last night Apple introduced the revamped iPod lineup. Meet the all-new Apple iPod touch, iPod nano and iPod shuffle. Oh, wait, something is missing! Yes, the iPod classic. Well, it’s not gone yet but it’s not getting a facelift either. Along with the new iPods, Apple unveiled their new Apple TV set-top box and the latest iTunes 10 with Ping social networking service.

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ARCHOS unveils five more Android tablets, one of them priced at less than 100 euro

by 27 comments

ARCHOS has just expanded its Android-powered tablets introducing five more devices – ARCHOS 28, 32, 43, 70 and 101. They are about to hit the stores over the next few weeks and the most affordable of them is said to cost less than a hundred euros.

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Sony updates its E Ink Readers, all have touchscreens now, Daily Edition gets even Wi-Fi

by 3 comments

Following its competitors (like Amazon Kindle), Sony has also refreshed its e-book Reader lineup. All three Sony e-readers pack touch-enabled E Ink displays, 2GB internal storage and SD card slots, while the Daily Edition is upgraded with Wi-Fi connectivity and a basic web browser.

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Here’s what’s inside the latest Xbox 360 Slim gaming console

by 581 comments

Microsoft and IBM finally revealed how the new two-in-one Xbox 360 chip looks like. It’s built using a 45nm manufacturing process, has 372 million transistors and is smaller, cheaper and less power hungry.

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PlayStation 3 finally jailbroken, 100 euro frees it from its shackles

by 53 comments

PlayStation 3 finally got hacked and playing games from ISO images is now possible. The tools are on a USB flash drive, which is currently selling for 100 euro. It’s expensive to be a pirate these days.

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Apple iPad camera connection kit review

by 874 comments

As a photographer, I was eager to see if my iPad could serve the double purpose of storing my photos and videos when I’m out in the field.

Typically Apple, the iPad camera connection kit was posted in their online store with only the bare minimum of information. I went ahead and bought one anyway and now that I’ve been using it for a week now, I’m ready to pass on everything you may need to know about this little bit of hardware (plus some things you may never need).

Apple iPad camera connection kit
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4-inch Galaxy player spotted in the wild, is this copycat policy necessary?

by 50 comments

The latest Samsung Galaxy Player, going under the model YP-MB2, is the Android version of Apple’s iPod. It has all the juice of the excellent smartphone Galaxy S, just cut the phone part out.

Samsung Galaxy Player
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TI and ARM tease Cortex A8 successors – Cortex A9 and core code-named Eagle

by 25 comments

ARM and Texas Instruments tease with what is to come – by the end of the year, we’ll see the successor of the Cortex A8 core, the Cortex A9 (obviously), and its successor too – the core codenamed Eagle…

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