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Hitachi shows off bright 4.5-inch LCD IPS display that does glasses-free 3D and has 720p resolution

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Hitachi announced a new mobile IPS LCD display that also does glasses-free 3D. It’s quite a beast at 4.5″ and 720p resolution (1280 x 720 pixels) and it uses lenticular technology to create the stereoscopic effect, which allows it to be brighter when displaying 3D images.

Hitachi say that typical glasses-free 3D displays (that use a parallax barrier) have their brightness cut in half when showing 3D content. Not so with their new display – it’s actually brighter in 3D mode. Read more »

Smart cover copycats for Galaxy Tab 10.1 causes a stir, Samsung claims it didn’t approve them and had them taken down

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Have a look at the picture below – what’s the first thing that comes to mind? Yep, everyone else thought “smart cover”, too. Except for Samsung’s Galaxy Tab 10.1 tablets. I can’t imagine this will help the lawsuit.

Now, the smart covers (called “Smart Case”) aren’t manufactured by Samsung (they’re made by another Korean company, Anymode), but they apparently have a close connection. Read more »

Mini Display Port to HDMI cables do not meet the HDMI specs, must be banned?

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The HDMI Organization intends to stop the production and sales of the Mini Display Port to HDMI cables. The reason is very simple – the cables don’t meet the HDMI specifications.

Since this kind of cables is not defined in the HDMI specifications, they weren’t tested according to the Compliance Testing Specifications. This means they are not licensed and can’t be sold. Read more »

Still unannounced Microsoft Explorer Touch mouse emerges

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Surely many of you already saw the Microsoft’s Arc Touch Mouse and a lot more are eager to get their hands on the Touch Mouse that’s coming next month. It seems however that Microsoft is preparing another mouse for production – a hybrid between the Arc Touch and Touch models called Explorer Touch.

The Explorer Touch Mouse inherits the haptic touch scroll pad from the Arc Touch and vibrates the same way when you use the scroll. Read more »

Samsung launches 32GB, class 10 microSD memory card

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There is little doubt that Samsung is one of premier makers of high-end smartphones. With the announcement of its latest 32GB microSD card, the Korean behemoth wants to make sure that its memory comes with performance which matches its latest and greatest mobile devices.

While not boasting the largest capacity out there Read more »

Pic3D film will make your ordinary display go 3D

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So you’ve been listening to all the noise, surrounding all the 3D capable devices coming to the market, and felt a bit jealous? Here is the remedy for you. A film, designed by the Japanese company Global Wave to be placed on you device’s screen, instantly transforms it from ordinary, to 3D.

While we have previously seen software based tweaks that do so Read more »

Nokia launches new music accessories for N9, uses NFC sorcery to make life easier

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Nokia just announced the MeeGo-based N9 smartphone and I must say it is the best thing I’ve seen from Nokia so far. But they didn’t stop at just the phone. They also have a few new accessories for the phone, two of which make use of the NFC technology.

Now the NFC tech isn’t something new. Google has been demoing it for some time now. But Nokia has gone ahead and dome something a lot more useful and practical with it Read more »

The NGP will play PLAY games but not run PLAY apps

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Don’t worry we haven’t lost the plot, we know the NGP was never an Android device to begin with. However, there were rumors that a little cross-pollination was occurring.

NGP with a NoDroid screen

That is to say, with the NGP’s downloadable content infrastructure, there were those wondering whether it could take advantage of the same apps in use by the Xperia PLAY. Read more »

TI announces OMAP 4470 chipset with 1.8GHz dual-core Cortex-A9 CPU, DirectX support

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Mobile CPU manufacturers are rushing to show off their upcoming mobile chipsets. The latest is the Texas Instruments boasting the OMAP 4470 System-on-a-chip with dual-core CPU running at up to 1.8GHz.

The powerful PowerVR SGX544 GPU supports DirectX-enabled games – with the upcoming Windows 8 supporting ARM processors that’s quite an important feature. Read more »

Even though China-made TransPhone was there first, it still seems like a Padphone knock-off

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It seems that CMIT has beaten Asus to the phone in a tablet dock punch because on 28 May, two days before the Asus Padphone went official (and only five days after the initial teaser).

There’s not much info on the so-called TransPhone but it supposedly runs Android on a 1.2GHz dual-core Qualcomm CPU. Read more »

Nvidia 3D Vision wired glasses make personal 3D gaming and movie watching more affordable

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Computex 2011 saw the unveiling of Nvidia’s latest 3D glasses for their 3D Vision range. The complete package gives you the ability to play games and watch BluRay movies in full 1080p HD 3D.

Nvidia Vision wired glasses

3D Vision is probably the most well known consumer based 3D system available and the setup is fairly straight forward too. Read more »

Want to use Google Wallet but don’t have an NFC enabled handset? Here, have a sticker instead…

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Google have just announced their new Google Wallet and Google Offers services, this then dropped them straight into a lawsuit with PayPal, but that’s not going to stop them from rolling out their new service.

Google Wallet NFC on Nexus S

Google Wallet hopes to make use of the NFC infrastructure as a mobile based payment system. Read more »

Kingmax showcases the world’s largest capacity microSD card

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Memory cards are one of the most ubiquitous and essential accessories of today’s mobile devices. And in a mobile world where HD content is quickly becoming the standard, one’s mobile device just can’t have enough memory. The latest creation from Kingmax should (at least temporarily) be able to satisfy the most memory hungry mobile users. At 64GB of available storage, it is the largest capacity microSD card to date.

The new card is from class 6 and features the 9 Stacked Die technology. It is compliant Read more »

Galaxy Tab 10.1 to hit US stores with Android 3.1 any day now

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We mentioned that Samsung Germany recently updated their online store to include a host of accessories for the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1. This pointed to the possibility of the 10.1′s official release very soon and our suspicions look to be on the money.

Samsung US cheeky tweet

Samsung US let out a highly suggestive tweet the other day with a link to the Galaxy Tab 10.1 notification site. Rumor has it that 8 June is the date to mark down in your calendars and if all goes to plan, you should be able to pick up some 8.6mm thick goodness from then on. Read more »

Xperia Arc films the Grímsvötn volcano eruption in Iceland, lives to tell the story [VIDEO]

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One of our readers sent us this video that he shot of the eruption of the Grímsvötn volcano, situated under a glacial lake of the same name in Iceland. The volcano erupted on 21st of May and managed to release more ash in 48 hours than Eyjafjallajökull did during its entire eruption last year, which has earned it 4 (VEI4) rating on the Volcanic Explosivity Index. The volcano is currently busy disrupting air travel in Iceland, Greenland, Scotland and Norway.

The video was shot using Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc in 720p by Thor E. Bachmann. It was taken a mere 1km away Read more »