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[IFA 2011]Sony announces HMZ-T1 Head Mounted 3D Display, makes 3D officially cool again

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Sony has announced the HMZ-T1, a new Head Mounted 3D Display, which they like to call “Personal 3D Viewer”. It’s basically the equivalent of watching a 750-inch 3D TV from a distance of 20m, along with a pair of surround sound headphones, except this time it’s personal.

The crux of the HMZ-T1 are the two OLED panels. Each of these panels is only 0.7-inch in size and have a resolution of 1280 x 720, which gives them a mind-blowing pixel density of 2098-PPI. Read more »

[IFA 2011]Sony’s new Reader Wi-Fi is the world’s lightest 6-inch eReader, runs on Android

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Following the official launch of their two new Honeycomb tablets, Sony has now announced a new eReader for those who like simpler things in life. The new Reader Wi-Fi (PRS-Ti) is claimed to be the lightest 6-inch eReader in the world with a weight of just 168g, which coupled with the 8.9mm thickness would make it very easy to hold in your hands.

The Reader Wi-Fi has a multi-touch touchscreen, underneath which lies a 600 x 800 resolution, 16-level gray scale E Ink Pearl electronic paper display. The Reader Wi-Fi has 2GB of internal memory, which can be expanded up to 32GB usig microSD card. Read more »

Samsung puts its new naming convention to good use, let’s check out the new models and see if it works

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Samsung has worked up a new naming scheme for its Androids and today we’re seeing the first phones to abide by the new rules. Of course, old models fit the new naming scheme too, but what Samsung has done is codified the tiers (low, mid, high, premium, and “Super Smart”).

I’ll go over the four new models from Samsung (which hail from the M, W and Y lines) along with a few older ones (that conform to the new naming scheme) to see how well it works. You’re welcome to join me.

Read more »

Samsung’s 720p SuperAMOLED screen is reportedly ready, coming to phones and tablets soon?

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Rumor has it that Samsung has hit their target of 720p SuperAMOLED displays. The new displays should be unveiled soon and will come in different sizes – 5″, 6″, 7″ are mentioned by insiders.

Reportedly, Samsung had to resort to PenTile again to get the coveted 1280×720 resolution. Read more »

Samsung racks up 4 awards at EISA 2011, Samsung Galaxy S II dubbed best mobile device

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The European Imaging and Sound Association deemed Samsung worthy of a multitude of awards this year, thanks to a host of top quality products from the Korean manufacturer, across the board.


In case you don’t know, EISA is an association of 50 ‘specialist interest’ magazines across 19 European countries who come together to award brands and manufacturers for outstanding products in their respective fields. Read more »

Dell kills the Streak 5, delivers a brief eulogy

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The device that was too big for a phone and too small to be a tablet has finally been put to rest. Dell’s website informs anyone still interested in the now deceased Streak 5 about its departure.

Unfortunately, I can’t find myself to agree with the “It’s been a great ride” part about the message on the website and Dell has itself to blame. Right from the confused form-factor to the outdated software and the high price, the Streak 5 was a recipe for disaster and Dell could have surely done better. Read more »

Samsung announces new 6Gbps SSDs with capacities up to 512GB, should be out by the end of the year

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Samsung just announced a new line of high-speed SSDs that support SATA 3.0 (6Gbps), which will be available in capacities of 128GB, 256GB and 512GB. Naturally, they use the 2.5″ form-factor, which is ideally suited for “high-performance OEM notebooks and tablets”.

The new drives will be replacing the old 3Gbps models by the end of the year and will offer nearly twice better performance – 500MB/s reads and 350MB/s writes, compared to the 250MB/s reads and 220MB/s writes of the old drives. Read more »

i’m Watch is powered by Android, costs as much as a Vertu if you want it in gold

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Watch phones are still fairly popular, but their main problem is that the models available aren’t very good. What if you could have a watch that’s powered by Android, is not a phone but can remotely control a smartphone and handle calls, show you incoming texts, notifications and so on and finally comes with a titanium or gold casing?

I’m betting not many people have thought about just such a configuration, but if you have – then i’m Watch is the one for you. It’s available in i’m Color (cheap, made of plastic) and i’m Jewel (pricier titanium or expensive gold versions). Read more »

Samsung reportedly working on 7-inch AMOLED display for September, both tablets and netbooks are welcome

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Last year at the FPD International “one of the most notable events for display related industries in the world”, Samsung showcased a 7″ AMOLED display with 1024×600 resolution. Now, a report claims that the display will be put into production in September with improved resolution of 1024×768.

Their goal is to reach 720p resolution on 7″ panels eventually, which will offer 180ppi pixel density. The new display will make its way into tablets and maybe even small netbooks. Read more »

Sony refreshes its Walkman range with four new models, fails to get anyone excited

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Dedicated music players these days are an endangered species, slowly fading away into irrelevance due to the popularity of mobile phones with high quality sound but Sony is not ready to give up yet and to prove that has refreshed their Walkman range of music players with new models.

The NWZ-A860 is the only one with the touchscreen in the bunch. Along with that 2.8-inch, 400 x 240 touchscreen display, you also get Sony’s Clear Audio thingummies, Bluetooth for streaming audio as well as transferring photos to and from another Bluetooth enabled device and 8 and 16GB of internal storage space. The two variants are priced at $179 and $219 respectively. Read more »

Mad Russian scientist aims to save lives with telephony [VIDEO]

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Vladislav Oleschenko, a name synonymous with the mobile world. Oh what’s that you never heard of him?

Mobile phone radiation emissions
Well OK, he’s not actually famous, yet, he’s more of an ‘unknown quantity’, a Russian inventor who thinks that his latest creation could take him from mad scientist to technical-telephony genius and with the evidence he brings to the table, it’s pretty compelling stuff. Read more »

Hitachi shows off bright 4.5-inch LCD IPS display that does glasses-free 3D and has 720p resolution

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Hitachi announced a new mobile IPS LCD display that also does glasses-free 3D. It’s quite a beast at 4.5″ and 720p resolution (1280 x 720 pixels) and it uses lenticular technology to create the stereoscopic effect, which allows it to be brighter when displaying 3D images.

Hitachi say that typical glasses-free 3D displays (that use a parallax barrier) have their brightness cut in half when showing 3D content. Not so with their new display – it’s actually brighter in 3D mode. Read more »

Smart cover copycats for Galaxy Tab 10.1 causes a stir, Samsung claims it didn’t approve them and had them taken down

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Have a look at the picture below – what’s the first thing that comes to mind? Yep, everyone else thought “smart cover”, too. Except for Samsung’s Galaxy Tab 10.1 tablets. I can’t imagine this will help the lawsuit.

Now, the smart covers (called “Smart Case”) aren’t manufactured by Samsung (they’re made by another Korean company, Anymode), but they apparently have a close connection. Read more »

Mini Display Port to HDMI cables do not meet the HDMI specs, must be banned?

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The HDMI Organization intends to stop the production and sales of the Mini Display Port to HDMI cables. The reason is very simple – the cables don’t meet the HDMI specifications.

Since this kind of cables is not defined in the HDMI specifications, they weren’t tested according to the Compliance Testing Specifications. This means they are not licensed and can’t be sold. Read more »

Still unannounced Microsoft Explorer Touch mouse emerges

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Surely many of you already saw the Microsoft’s Arc Touch Mouse and a lot more are eager to get their hands on the Touch Mouse that’s coming next month. It seems however that Microsoft is preparing another mouse for production – a hybrid between the Arc Touch and Touch models called Explorer Touch.

The Explorer Touch Mouse inherits the haptic touch scroll pad from the Arc Touch and vibrates the same way when you use the scroll. Read more »