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Parrot shows AR.Drone 2.0 at CES – now with 720p video recording, easy sharing and sturdier hardware

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Two years after the original, the Parrot AR.Drone 2.0 ascends the CES stage. The new version is easier to fly yet more capable than its predecessor. It packs an upgraded camera that shoots HD videos and photos in-flight, as well as a tougher exterior and new sensors.

The apps which control the drone are getting an update to support the new functionality – the update should hit the iOS and Android versions at the same time. The new app makes sharing the videos you shoot easier – one tap lets you share and upload to YouTube. Read more »

LG demonstrate that the best way to promote their flat-screen TVs is to steal them [VIDEO]

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Promoting theft doesn’t seem like the most obvious marketing strategy, but LG clearly like to go against the grain if this new ad is anything to go by.

man pretending t steal an LG TV

As marketing goes, this is a fine example of both a smart and more importantly, funny commercial to promote their latest flat-screen TVs, enjoy. Read more »

Vuzix SMART HD glasses want to open our eyes to the future of augmented reality

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Vuzix, a company best known for their range of peculiar looking futuristic spectacles, designed to give you the effect a 60-inch screen in front of your eyes, are planning to unveil their vision for the future of augmented reality at CES 2012.

Vuzix want us to see into the future of augmented reality

Vuzix backed by funding from Nokia, have been developing what they hope will be the future of augmented reality eye-wear. Read more »

Eye in the Sky: The US military’s new helicopter drone comes complete with a 1.8 gigapixel camera

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Military research has resulted in an increased use of unmanned drones amidst conflicts in recent years. From mine sweeping to aerial surveillance, some of the most advanced robotics of the age see implementation in military projects.

Boeing A160 Hummingbird

Step forward one of the latest pieces of hardware to grace the US military, Boeing’s A160 Hummingbird, a UAV helicopter drone endowed with a mammoth 1.8 gigapixel color video camera. Read more »

Casio announces new G-SHOCK GB-6900 Bluetooth 4.0 watch, pairs with your phone to display calls and messages

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We’ve seen phone makers make Bluetooth watches before but now watch makers have started coming up with their own Bluetooth watches. Casio has announced the G-SHOCK GB-6900 watch that has Bluetooth 4.0 and makes use of an important feature in this new version, the Low Energy mode.

Thanks to this nifty addition to the Bluetooth feature set, compatible devices need only a fraction of the power of previous Bluetooth devices to stay connected and transfer data, which results in amazing battery life. In case of the G-SHOCK GB-6900, you can get about 2 years of battery life with a single button cell. Read more »

LG announces 84-inch 3D Ultra Definition TV, will show it to you in person at CES

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LG is on a roll with the incredibly awesome televisions. After the 55-inch OLED TV that we saw last week, which also happened to be the world’s largest OLED TV, today they have announced the gigantic 84-inch 3D Ultra Definition TV, which, again, is the largest in the world.

The key feature here is the Ultra Definition panel, which has a resolution of 3840 x 2160, four times the resolution of current Full HD panels. It uses LG’s Slim and Narrow Bezel design, which makes the display look like it’s going from edge to edge and does not jut out too much from your wall. The TV will come with a set of passive 3D glasses. Read more »

Mysterious 3-inch Nokia device turns out a name badge

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The long-awaited Consumers Electornics Show in Las Vegas isn’t due for two more weeks, but already Nokia gets us excited with a little something.

And by the leaked photos of it, it’s a 3-inch device, which doesn’t feature any hardware buttons at all. Excited? Don’t be. Read more »

Samsung acquires Sony’s stake in S-LCD joint venture for $933 million

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A few years ago, Sony and Samsung entered into a joint venture to develop S-LCD panels. Today, the two companies have announced that Samsung will be buying Sony’s stake (50%) in the joint venture for 1.08 trillion Korean won, which is roughly US$933 million dollars.

The new agreement allows both the companies to continue cooperative engineering efforts focused on LCD panel technology and for Sony to secure a flexible and steady supply of LCD panels from Samsung, based on market prices without the responsibility and costs of having their own manufacturing facility. The transferring of shares and payment is expected to close by the end of January 2012. Read more »

LG to showcase 55-inch OLED TV at CES 2012, claims it to be the world’s largest

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LG has a special treat in store for CES visitors next year, a massive 55-inch TV that uses an OLED panel, the largest to be used on any TV yet. LG claims that the panel has a contrast ratio of 100,000:1.

Compared to other OLED TVs, the LG TV uses a White OLED or WOLED panel. Unlike AMOLED panels that use RGB subpixels placed next to each other, WOLED panels stack the subpixels one above the other, which results in lower error rate, clearer picture and low color distortion at wider viewing angles. Read more »

Developer roots MOTOACTV, lets you play Angry Birds on it while you run into a lamppost

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There was a time when if something could stand still long enough someone would install Linux on it. The same is true for Android today. And so the latest gadget to get an Android port is the recently announced sports tracker, Motorola’s MOTOACTV.

In its defense the device already runs a highly disguised version of Gingerbread but it still wouldn’t have been easy. Developer Chris Wade, the guy responsible for the useful but woefully misnamed Dingleberry jailbreak for the BlackBerry PlayBook, is the one responsible for achieving this feat. But before he actually installed the new OS, he ripped open the device apart first. Read more »

The Eee Pad Transformer Prime’s origami covers hit the shelves to bring stylish protection to the quad-core tablet

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The iPad 2′s Smart Cover is a pretty recognizable accessory for Apple’s tablet, but earlier this month we saw the Android equivalent crop up in the form of a product simply known as ‘Sleeve’.

Origami cover colours

Intended for the Eee Pad Transformer Prime and made in house by Asus, the new protective cover has arrived online and is ready and waiting for those planning on picking up the quad-core endowed droid tablet right now. Read more »

Crypteks USB hides an encrypted thumb drive inside an aluminum cryptex with a customizable password

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Everyone who has read the The Da Vinci Code or has seen the movie knows what a cryptex is – an old-timey way to password protect your documents. Except today’s documents typically come in digital form, say a flash drive, rather than paper so as cool as a cryptex sounds, it’s no good to use today.

Enter the Crypteks USB – you can guess what it does just by its name. It’s not a real product yet, it’s just a concept on Kickstarter. Still, considering it has received $130,000+ in backing (well over the $12,000 goal), it seems a pretty safe bet that it will be a real product soon. Read more »

Sol Republic want a piece of the premium headphones market, we get curious [HANDS-ON]

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When I first heard of the recently founded headphone maker Sol Republic, my first thought was if there was any room left on the market for a new supplier of premium headphones. The U.S. market in particular is dominated by Beats Audio – the company with Dr. Dre as its face, followed by several competitors. In a nutshell – it is not the friendliest environment to launch a new product, given the already established competition.

Once I found out more about the newcomer however, its aspirations began to make a lot more sense. Sol Republic (by the way, Sol stands for “soundtrack of life”, not something related to the sun) is founded by Read more »

Isotoner SmarTouch gloves will let you rule the touchscreen tech this winter [REVIEW]

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We don’t often do accessory reviews, but this one is too interesting to miss. You see, one of the problems with touchscreen smartphones is that you cannot use them with gloves, so you have to pick your priorities in the winter – operate your phone or save your fingers from the freezing cold.

Enter the Isotoner SmarTouch gloves – compatible with your touchscreen phone, those will keep your fingers nicely warm in those cold months. Read more »

Xbox 360 getting a Metro UI-styled dashboard tomorrow

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The Xbox 360 fall update is coming tomorrow and it will bring tons of new stuff. But the first and most important change is the complete interface overhaul. Microsoft has put the Metro UI in charge.

It’s hardly a surprise to see the Metro UI here though – after all, it is Microsoft’s “all-in” both in the desktop and mobile versions of Windows. And I think the dashboard has never been so awesome. Read more »