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Samsung Germany now offering shiny new accessories for your Galaxy Tab 10.1, that you can’t buy yet

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The Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 has been tantalizing us for some time now and still we must wait. We’ve seen it pop up in Russia and there’s word of its release in India. Pricing and spec sheets are floating around the internet and still we must wait!

Galaxy Tab 10.1 accessories banner

The good news is that June should see the worldwide launch of the Galaxy Tab 10.1. Samsung have kept schtum thus far on an official global release dates but in specific regions, days and months have already been hinted at and if it’s available in one region, it’s release elsewhere won’t be far off. Read more »

Is Apple prepping a surprise product announcement for 19 May?

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Apple love their secrets and this instance is no different. Although the big cheese, I mean fruit, have yet to confirm anything officially, signs point to Thursday, May 19th as a day to mark down in your calendars.

Apple Logo behind velvet curtain

Why? What has made you put your conspiracy hat on GSM Arena? We’ll sources say somethings afoot and it makes sense to pin it down to the 19th as the start of something, as this marks the Apple Store’s 10th anniversary.

So lets look at the facts Read more »

Take a look at Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 Special Edition and no, you can’t have one

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The other day, Google I/O brought a host of information to journalists and developers alike. We’ve already spoken about it, taking you through the main points of the keynote, Google’s pride regarding Honeycomb’s stats and figures, the potential of Ice cream sandwich (the upcoming Android update, not the food item) and the general ambiance of the event which you can check out here.

Shots showing the back of the Google I/O exclusive Samsung Galaxy 10.1 Tab with its white back

What we haven’t really spoken about is the host of Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1′s that made a special debut at the event as well. Why special? Well Read more »

The HTC Flyer’s stylus retails for $80

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HTC’s first foray into the tablet world, the Flyer totes a fancy new stylus that works with its 7 inch capacitive touchscreen which, along with some extra multimedia functionality, allows users to annotate, draw and highlight on text, websites and images. For the stylus as a stand alone purchase, it’ll set you back around $80.

HTC Flyer Tablet Stylus

Yep, you read correctly kids. To many, a stylus might seem like an antiquated feature left over from the days when the resistive touchscreen devices reigned supreme, but the Flyer’s stylus offers far greater versatility than any before it. Read more »

Sony admits all 77 million PSN and Qriocity accounts have been compromised in a response to the US Congress

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Oh, boy, is this getting messy or what? Sony finds itself in all kinds of trouble following the recent attack that brought down the PSN network and compromised millions of accounts, containing sensitive personal data and credit card information.

The Representative Corporate Executive Officer and Executive Deputy President of Sony Corporation, Kazuo Hirai, has just posted an open letter to the US congress, admitting that all 77 million accounts have been compromised. Read more »

Samsung Galaxy S WiFi 4.0 and 5.0 global rollout starts: Russia and Switzerland get them first, more to follow soon

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Samsung have just released their Galaxy S WiFi duo – the 4.0 and 5.0 models to the European market. After their tour around South Korea the large-screened media player/tablets with a touch of Android are now on sale in Russia and Switzerland with more countries expected to follow in the weeks to come.

The 4” and 5” Galaxy S WiFi versions run on Android 2.2 Froyo, but will get an update to 2.3 Gingerbread eventually. The lack of cellular radio aside, their internals are almost identical to the Samsung I9000 Galaxy S former flagship – a Hummingbird chipset, featuring a 1GHz CPU, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS , 8 or 16GB of internal storage and a microSD card slot. Read more »

ASUS Xtion PRO Kinect like motion sensor for PC hits the shelves in Japan

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To all of you PC gamers out there, there might be some motion inspired games coming your way in the near future. Unitycorp announced that it will start shipping its ASUS Kinect like motion sensor for PCs in Japan.

Read more »

New HTC Flyer promo video is up, wait, haven‘t we watched this elsewhere?

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We’ve come across a new promo video of the HTC Flyer. It’s highlights the main features that distinguish the Flyer from the pack of Android 3.0 Honeycomb-running tabs and slates out there. And it’s a six-minute video, so you can imagine it gets pretty detailed.

The video is very good, actually, and fun to watch. It shows some pretty sweet organizing stuff, like taking notes with audio and pictures and even handwritten remarks thanks to the HTC Scribe technology.

A very important thing we noticed is that the Flyer demonstrates in the video the new lock screen on HTC Sense 3.0. We also saw this on the Sprint version of the HTC EVO 3D. It gives you the choice of 4 apps, which you can open directly from the lock screen. Those can be rearranged however you like. It makes us think that the Flyer might keep other goodies under its hood.

But I can’t help to notice that its makers have borrowed really heavily from Sony and Apple – to a point where it gets confusing. A tablet like no other? Really? Read more »

Samsung pushes new transparent LCD panels into mass production

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Hold your wild thoughts, guys. It’s not exactly the sci-fi stuff you’ve may imagined. I’m sure Samsung will get there too, but for now it’s only started manufacturing 22-inch transparent panels relying on ambient light instead of some kind of backlighting.

The 22-inch transparent LCD panel has 1680×1050 pixels resolution, HDMI and UDB ports. It has two models – a monochrome one with 20% transparency and a full-color one with 15% transparency.

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Apple iPad 2 and Nintendo 3DS land in Europe, ready to hit the stores at 5pm

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Today is a big day for the old continent. The Apple iPad 2 and Nintendo 3DS have just hit the shelves. Huge lines, stock shortages and online shipping delays of up to four weeks mark the iPad launch day. The iGadget also premieres in Australia, Canada, Japan, Mexico and New Zealand.

The Nintendo 3DS launch also caused huge lines of impatient fans looking to get the popular console. Read more »

LG Wireless Charging Pad cuts the cord if you can keep the phone within 7mm of the center

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Wires are for suckers – wireless is where it’s all at. LG unveiled the Wireless Charging Pad, a.k.a. WCP-700, which lets you charge you phone without having to plug the charger cable in.

Cool, huh? Well, you have to put the phone within 7mm of the center of the Wireless Charging Pad but still – no cables go in… Read more »

Microsoft Kinect sells over 10 million units, sets a world record for fastest-selling gadget

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Guinness World Records has confirmed that the Kinect for the Xbox 360 has cracked the world record for fastest selling consumer electronics device for a period of 60 days. Microsoft managed to sell an average of 133,333 Kinect units per day, making a total of 8 million units in its first 60 days of sale from 4 November 2010 to 3 January 2011.

If you think about it, this means that every hour over 5 thousand people bought the Kinect. Impressive numbers indeed, but the story doesn’t end there. Today marks the day of an even bigger achievement for Microsoft, as the company announced that they have Read more »

The Nintendo 3DS torn to pieces by the iFixit guys

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The Nintendo 3DS is the latest gadget to reveal its inner secrets to the guys over at iFixit. In all of its 3D prowess and gaming glory, straight from Japan, this little bad boy has two displays, special gaming controls and a 3D switch. Let’s check out what the iFixit team has dug up.

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HP will ship the TouchPad from April?

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HP said we should expect their WebOS 3.0 debut tablet in the summer. It turns out that it may take them less to introduce the TouchPad to the market. An unofficial source claims that April is the launch month for the new device.

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Lenovo launching Android-running LePad tablet in June

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Lenovo is one of the largest PC manufacturers in the world. It’s in the top five actually. And now they’ve confirmed an Android tablet, bound for world-wide availability, is coming in June.

The Lenovo LePad
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