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New HTML5 version of iTether lets you tether to your phone using just the browser

Last year, Tether submitted their iTether app to the App Store, which would let users tether to their iPhones even if the functionality was not available by default from the carrier. Although Apple initially allowed the app, it was later on removed, saying that the app burdens the network.

Now, however, Tether has come up with a new HTML5 version of iTether, which lets you tether to your iPhone using the Safari browser instead of a dedicated app.

For this to work, you first have to install the companion app on your PC, create an account and then create an ad hoc network. Once that’s done, you connect to that newly created Wi-Fi network from the phone and then launch the Tether website and log into the account you just created. And that’s it, your PC is now connected to the Internet through the phone. You can save the website to the homescreen so you can quickly launch it just like a native app.

This service comes for a small fee of $30 for one year and Tether even offers a 30 day money-back guarantee in case you are not satisfied with it. For more details you can watch the video below or click on the source link.



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