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First games to use iPhone 4 gyroscopes impress on video

by 206 comments

When the iPhone 4 was first announced, I wasn’t quite sure what the big deal about the gyroscope was. What can you do with it that can’t be done with an accelerometer? Well, now I know – it’s amazingly accurate, which leads to fun-looking games like Eliminate: Gun Range…

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Kinect sensor for Xbox 360 now available on pre-order, costs some hefty 150 US dollars

by 427 comments

Microsoft launched the pre-order campaign of Xbox 360 motion-controller – Kinect. It’s currently available only within USA and costs 150 US dollars direct from Microsoft’s web store.

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YouTube adds an online video editor to its host of services

by 495 comments

Latest YouTube update includes video editor allowing you to create/edit movies from your uploaded content. It’s easy to work out, doesn’t require any software installation and your new videos will directly appear on YouTube once they’re done.

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Parrot AR.Drone helicopter for iPhone goes to the USA in September, priced at 299 US dollars

by 44 comments

The iPhone-controlled quadricopter Parrot AR.Drone is coming soon. To be more specific, the toy will start selling across the USA this September for 299 US dollars. Join me after the break to see a short AR.Drone video demo.

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Xbox 360 Slim announced, 250GB hard disk and Wi-Fi adapter inside

by 36 comments

Yesterday evening Microsoft announced their new version of Xbox 360 – Slim. It will pack a 250GB hard drive and integrated Wi-Fi adapter.

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Microsoft Kinect is the new name of Project Natal, expected November 2010

by 25 comments

Microsoft finally revealed all the details on its Xbox 360 motion control system previously known as Project Natal and now rebranded as Kinect. Yeah, I know, the new name doesn’t really roll off the tongue, does it?

I’m not into games, I just don’t have the time for them. But I would definitely give that Microsoft Kinect a try. Who wouldn’t?! Apparently, we’ll have to wait until November – this is when the thing is expected to arrive in stores nearby. Meantime you can take a look at some Kinect live images.

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PlayStation Move controller official site launches, shows off sports games package

by 780 comments

While we’re still waiting for Project Natal for the Xbox, the PlayStation Move controller website went live. Just in time to generate some buzz before the E3 convention that starts next week.

There are some promo videos on the site, which would have us believe that the Move controller is actually a lightsaber golf club…

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Coke and Mentos-powered car goes from 0 to ultra-cool in 3.5, video inside

by 568 comments

What do you get when you mix 108 two-liter bottles of Coke Zero with 648 Mentos candies. A rocket bike, for one thing. Plus a serious mess to clean off the floor, for another.

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Audi Design introduces a foosball table worth 12 900 euro

by 582 comments

Emotion-packed design and excellent game quality are what Audi fans will get if they have a huge pile of cash to blow on a foosball table. Only twenty pieces of the Audi Design piece of (ridiculously overpriced) art will be produced and they will be worth 12 900 euro each (that’s about 15 600 US dollars).

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Foosball fever by Nokia, now that’s a cool video ad

by 1,400 comments

It’s rare that I come upon a seriously impressive video ad such as this one. I won’t waste your time trying to recap, I’ll just say those are some wicked foosball tricks.

Oh, I also think I saw a Nokia N8 parading around at some point, but I’m not really sure. I’m too busy learning the new moves.

84-inch UltraHD panel from LG is bound to become world’s biggest 3D screen

by 595 comments

Everybody loves bigger and bigger TVs, but at what point do they get TOO big? 3D panels are obviously going there as LG are about to present the world’s largest 3D panel – a monstrous 84-inch giant with UltraHD resolution.

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Strapping the iPad – it only takes a dab of ingenuity and some Velcro

by 174 comments

It seems good old Velcro had quite a bit more uses than I thought. Including fastening your iPad to the wall, ceiling, or window, not to mention your car’s dashboard and your motorbike’s tank. But even if you don’t care the about the iPad, that’s an impressively filmed video in its own right, so it’s really enjoyable to watch.

iPad and Velcro

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First trailer of Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light

by 21 comments

Recently Crystal Dynamics announced the next Lara Croft adventure – The Guardian of Light. It is not the new Tomb Raider (which is still in the works), but stand-alone arcade-styled adventure that’s played from isometric perspective.

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Trailer roster – Easy A, The Adjustment Bureau, Super 8 and Robin Hood

by 11 comments

Today I stumbled upon four new movie trailers – Easy A, The Adjustment Bureau, Super 8 and Robin Hood. Enjoy!

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Ubisoft announces new Assassin’s Creed – Brotherhood

by 440 comments

Yesterday Ubisoft revealed the next installment into the Assassin’s Creed series – Brotherhood. The fight with the Templar Order is brought in ancient Rome, where you will command entire brotherhood of assassins.

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