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Nokia launches Shoot & Tag beta app to help you navigate through painfully long videos

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Today another interesting application makes its debut at Nokia Beta Labs. The app in question is called Shoot & Tag. It does its job while you’re shooting video, detecting changes or shifts in the background and the overall scene. Ultimately, it automatically creates a new scene or a chapter for each change.

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Microsoft Kinect sells over 10 million units, sets a world record for fastest-selling gadget

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Guinness World Records has confirmed that the Kinect for the Xbox 360 has cracked the world record for fastest selling consumer electronics device for a period of 60 days. Microsoft managed to sell an average of 133,333 Kinect units per day, making a total of 8 million units in its first 60 days of sale from 4 November 2010 to 3 January 2011.

If you think about it, this means that every hour over 5 thousand people bought the Kinect. Impressive numbers indeed, but the story doesn’t end there. Today marks the day of an even bigger achievement for Microsoft, as the company announced that they have Read more »

Angry Birds Seasons goes green for St. Patrick’s day, Facebook version gets delayed, and Bing collaboration brings YouTube miniseries

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Ah, those Angry Birds, they seem to never sleep in their endless effort to grab your attention whenever possible. Speaking of which, today a video of the new St. Patrick’s Day update pack to Angry Birds Seasons hit YouTube, showing the greenness its going to bring with it.

The new update, as usual, will bring 15 green pig slaying levels, specially themed for the traditional Irish holiday. The launch of this refreshing cup of Angry Birds is expected to launch on Read more »

Google Maps finally supports real-time traffic rerouting, unsurpisingly Android only

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If you rely on the Google Maps Navigation app for going places on everyday basis, you’d be very happy to hear that now Google has thrown support for real-time rerouting, based on traffic reports. This means that you would hopefully spend less time in traffic as Google Maps new algorithms guide you around it.

With the new Google Maps update, you’ll be given a choice to reroute to a bit longer, but free from traffic road. Be aware, that the update is available to Android users only. Read more »

The Galaxy Tab 10.1 may not be fit to tackle the heat from the iPad 2, a Samsung exec fears [UPDATED]

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In a recent interview, Lee Don-joo, senior vice president of Samsung’s mobile division, expressed concerns about the competitiveness of their Galaxy Pad 10.1 tablet. Lee Don-joo acknowledges that at 8.8mm the iPad 2 is really thin and the Galaxy Tab 10.1 might need further improvement.

Lee Don-Joo feels that some parts in Sammy’s latest tablet are “inadequate” and will have to be “improved”.
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A carnival of Apple iPad 2 photos all in one place, image galore

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I figured you guys wouldn’t mind to take a look of all the iPad 2 official photos all in one place. In this post you’ll find every single image that I could dig out from Apple’s website and just have it on display in one place.

You can see the iOS 4.3 in action, the slim iPad 2 profile and much more from the new version of Apple’s tablet. Read more »

Watch the official iPad 2 overview right here [VIDEO]

by 1,601 comments

Apple iPad 2 has just been announced and Apple rushed out to post a video overview of the device. The iPad 2 features the same 9.7-inch 1024x768px capacitive touchscreen display as the original iPad, but it’s more powerful with the all-new dual-core A5 chip, which includes up to 9x faster graphics chip.

I can continue to go about the iPad 2′s re-design and features, but Apple has tried pretty hard to make this 6-minute-plus video, so here it is. Read more »

Here is what the Apple iPad 2 turned out to be (and also what it did not)

by 31 comments

In an exciting keynote led by Steve Jobs himself, the Apple iPad 2 was announced at the special event in San Francisco minutes ago. Noticeably thinner than the first iPad, it packs some serious power under the hood. Here’s all there is to know about the iPad 2 in a heartbeat.

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Pre-Apple iPad 2 event fever and rumors, stay tuned for the big announcement

by 618 comments

Everyone is impatiently waiting for the Apple iPad 2 announcement taking place today in less than half an hour. As you can imagine the rumors and pre-event allegations are pouring out from known and unknown sources.

Such a rumor is that we shouldn’t be so excited about the iPad 2, because it’s more of a ‘ho-hum update’ rather than something fundamental, which is what the iPad 3 Read more »

Sneak peak at Saab’s Android-powered IQ-on Infotainment System [Video]

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Back at CES 2011 there were a couple of smart infotainment car systems on display running Android, but none of them looked that cool, in my opinion. I present you the IQon – Saab’s future in-car entertainment unit running the Android OS.

The power of Android is going to be at your disposal through an 8-inch touchscreen. You can play music, movies, access the Internet, download applications, change the look of the homescreens. Basically, pretty much anything Android is capable of, but Read more »

Cut the Rope for Android demonstrated on video, coming soon

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The famous iOS game Cut the Rope is finally coming to Android. A video was just published on the game’s Facebook page, featuring the addictive game running on an HTC Gratia/Aria.

I’ve been waiting for the Android version of this game ever since it hit the iPhone, since as Kyle already told you this game is one of the most entertaining and engaging titles the mobile world has seen. Read more »

First developer preview of Mac OS X Lion shows new gestures and animations [Video]

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Yesterday was a big day for Apple. Not only did they announce the newly refreshed MacBook Pro laptops, but they also released the first developer preview of Mac OS X Lion. As you may remember, we covered some of its main features in a our blog last year.

Now, though, more exciting features that make advantage of various gestures have been added. Apple has even made a video demo showing some of them.

Update 27 Feb: We also heard the new Mac OS Lion finally supports TRIM for greatly improved SSD drives day-to-day management. Whoa! Read more »

Thunderbolt – the new high-speed connection technology that will rule them all.. eventually

by 16 comments

If you thought USB 3.0 was the future of connecting high-speed peripherals to your computer, then think again. Intel’s Thunderbolt I/O technology, formerly known as Light Peak, is now the new kid on the block and it is here to stay.

With the introduction of the newly announced MacBook Pro line-up yesterday, comes the first real-world implementation of the Intel Thunderbolt Technology. Basically, Thunderbolt is a faster and simpler way of plugging different devices to your system. Read more »

Apple to unveil the iPad 2 on Wednesday, March 2 at a special event in San Francisco

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Apple will hold a special event on Wednesday, March 2 where it will lift the curtains on the successor of its trendsetting tablet – the iPad 2. As usual, Apple is holding its cards close to the chest and nothing is known for sure just yet.

We can’t be too sure whether we can judge anything from the invitation image they’ve sent out above, as it looks pretty much as the original iPad. However, Apple has been known for making subtle design changes, not radical ones. Read more »

Here’s an amazing Angry Birds inspired birthday cake that you can actually play on [VIDEO]

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Okay, I know you guys haven’t been very fond of the Angry Birds news that we’ve posted here lately, but you MUST check this out! It’s probably the coolest and yummiest Angry Birds news ever to hit our blog page.

Here’s this loving and caring dad, who every year makes some crazy birthday cakes for his children, the now six-year-old Ben and the three-year-old Sofia. This year he decided to make an Angry Birds inspired cake, and what a cake it is! Check the video for yourself! Read more »