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Samsung announces faster DRAM modules for your next smartphone and tablet

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Samsung revealed today that the development of faster 1Gbit mobile DRAM (128MB) modules has started. The new modules with wide Input/Output interface use the 50 nm class process technology and to cut straight to the point – they should be blazingly fast!

The new RAM is designed specifically for smartphones and tablets and to make it less boring, let’s bring some numbers to the table to help you grasp the benefits of the new Samsung mobile DRAM. Read more »

Sony Ericsson LiveView gets a promo video that tries to excite you

by 16 comments

I doubt you are unfamiliar with the Sony Ericsson LiveView device. After all, we’ve detailedly covered it several times and it’d be a crime to not have read about it.

Recently, a new promo video of the cutesy little device popped up and I thought it’d be a great idea to share it with you, because I think the idea behind the device is truly brilliant. Read more »

Foursquare is now available for Nokia Series 40 phones

by 923 comments

Congrats to all Nokia S40 owners, as Foursquare is finally released for their devices today. If you haven’t heard of Foursquare until now, it’s an unobtrusive way to share your location with friends and explore new and interesting places.

The application has been available for iOS, Android, webOS, S60 and BlackBerry for quite some time now and it’s good to hear that finally it’s available for S40 as well. The app can be downloaded from Read more »

Firefox 5 gets on stage, while Firefox 4 is yet in beta

by 24 comments

It might sound a bit strange, but the User Experience team at Mozilla Corporation has already started working on how the Firefox 5 user interface will look like and we have some screenshots for you. Yes, even though the first Firefox 4 Release Candidate is expected to come out in late February or even early March, the UX engineers have already started throwing in ideas on how the user experience could be improved for the future version of my all-time favorite browser.

The designers have already revamped the way the search field looks like, for example. And they haven’t stopped there. Read more »

See how Corning, the creators of the Gorilla Glass, envision the future [VIDEO]

by 34 comments

The company behind Gorilla Glass has posted a rather interesting video showing how our everyday lives could be improved if everything we interact with is covered with Gorilla Glass enhanced displays.

As you probably all know, Gorilla Glass is the type of tough glass that protects smartphones and tablets from scratches and damaging. So imagine that everything in your home has an embedded display protected by Gorilla Glass and watch this impressive demo: Read more »

Vodafone Webbox keyboard connects your TV to the internet

by 968 comments

Vodafone launches the Webbox, a keyboard which enables Internet on your TV, via a GSM/EDGE mobile data connection. Unfortunately, 3G isn’t supported yet, but a 3G version will follow later on.

Connecting the Webbox to the TV sets is done by the standard RCA cables. Plug them in, push the power button on the device and Read more »

Watch the BlackBerry PlayBook slate do its fancy moves [hands-on]

by 23 comments

RIM’s PlayBook tablet is certainly taking its time to get to the market but in spite of all the rival Android tablets that are showing their faces lately, the PlayBook still looks as impressive as ever.

We get to play with it for the first time, and, man, that thing is sleek! Read more »

MiCoach app from Adidas transforms your Android phone into a personal trainer

by 5 comments

You know that I’ve always been concerned about the health and well-being of you guys, the GSMArena Blog readers. And I am about to prove it to you once again by letting you know about the new MiCoach app from Adidas.

The new MiCoach application acts as your personal coach, guiding you through your daily exercises and fitness routines by speaking to you. Literally. Read more »

HTC announces the 7-inch aluminum unibody Flyer tablet at the MWC

by 20 comments

HTC just announced its first ever tablet – the 7-inch HTC Flyer, which could only mean one thing – began officially the tablet wars have!

What distinguishes the HTC Flyer from the competition is its aluminum unibody. Read more »

ZTE annonces the droids Amigo and Skate at MWC 2011 [UPDATED: Hands-on photos inside]

by 638 comments

ZTE, the Chinese company which sold more devices worldwide than RIM for 2010, announced today at MWC two brand new Android running smartphones – the QWERTY sideways slider Amigo and the Skate.

The ZTE Skate.

Interesting names indeed, but let’s see what kind of devices they are. Read more »

The Motorola Xoom tablet comes to Europe in 3G and Wi-Fi versions

by 5 comments

Great news, the Motorola XOOM tablet will make it for an European release after all. This was announced today at the Mobile World Conference in Barcelona.

Previously, the XOOM was to be expected just in the US, but now we know, it’ll be available in the Old Continent as well starting from Q2 of 2011. You’ll have a choice of models Read more »

Quad-core Snapdragon madness from Qualcomm to come in 2012, ticks at 2.5Ghz

by 21 comments

No one would seriously think that Qualcomm would be weeping in the corner after NVIDIA and Texas Instruments unveiled their quad-core CPUs to come our way in 2012. No sir, Qualcomm wants to play along and today announced a new series of quad-core mobile processors, planned for release in 2012.

What we know so far is that NVIDIA’s Tegra 3 quad-core chip is planned to run at 1.5Ghz and Texas Instruments will top that with each core ticking at 2.0Ghz. But hold tight, because the quad-core Snapdragon is supposed to run at the breathtaking 2.5Ghz! Read more »

LG Optimus 3D P920 featured in a new video commercial, we get a better look at it

by 21 comments

The first ever mobile device with a 3D screen is just two days away from its official revealing at the MWC 2011 and LG is trying to build up the expectation by airing another video ad for the Optimus 3D.

In it, LG points out how the Optimus 3D isn’t just great for watching 3D movies, but how it’s also good for watching 3D education materials to help you grasp new skills, as well. See the commercial in question right below.

Read more »

LG Optimus Pad kicks the butt of another tablet in a Transformers-inspired commercial

by 52 comments

LG has issued a new action-packet ad inspired by the Transformers movie, where the LG Optimus Pad is represented by Optimus Prime fighting some Mega…tablet… tron.

Even though the clip is not Hollywood material, the latest advertisement for the Optimus Pad from LG is sure worth a thousand words (and laughs). Just watch the epic battle between good and evil, and I’ll see you after the break. Read more »

Love is in the air as Angry Birds and Cut the Rope get their special Valentine’s Day editions

by 6 comments

I thought we’d have to wait for Valentine’s Day to come in order to get the special update filled with love for Angry Birds. Luckily, I was wrong and here it is, now available in the app market near you.

The new Valentine’s Day edition is part of an update for Angry Birds Seasons and consists of 15 brand new pig-bashing levels. For iOS users it’ll cost Read more »