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T-Mobile joins the 4G party with an LG-made tablet, named the G-Slate

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T-Mobile US has teamed up with LG to introduce yet another 4G tablet. The device is called G-Slate and runs an “optimized” version of Android 3.0 Honeycomb.

T-Mobile introduces the G-Slate

Not much info is available yet, not even photos of the thing. Probably this will change, as today LG are going to be hosting another event at CES. Read more »

Vizio plans to conquer your living room and pockets with their own Via Plus Phone, Tablet and HDTVs

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Vizio, a company known mainly in the US for the affordable HDTVs they make, announced earlier today at CES 2011 they are going to release a whole “ecosystem” called Via Plus. As part of it Vizio are going to release the Vizio Via Phone, the Vizio Via Tablet and special Vizio HDTVs.

The Vizio Via Phone, Tablet and HDTV chilling

The idea behind the “Via Plus Ecosystem” is to allow seamless and unified control between the Vizio tablet, phone and TV. Read more »

Nokia intros their Big Screen optimized TV-out app for HDMI-enabled Nokia N8 and E7

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As the name suggests, Nokia’s latest Big Screen app offers optimized multimedia interface for the biggest screen in your home over a HDMI connection. Of course, to use it, you need an HDMI-equipped Nokia smartphone such as the N8 and the E7.

Nokia Big Screen App in Action

Once the Nokia Big Screen is installed and you’ve hooked the HDMI cable to your phone and TV, the app starts automatically. Read more »

Exciting new family of tablets revealed at CES 2011 by ASUS

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The tablet war starts to heat up as ASUS announced last night not one, not two, but four new tablets, which run either Windows 7 Home Premium or Android Honeycomb with a custom user interface. The devices in question are the ASUS Eee Pad Slider, the ASUS Eee Pad Transformer and the ASUS Eee Pad MeMO and the ASUS Eee Slate EP121.

New tablets launched by ASUS

Right off the bat the devices support full HD video playback, full Adobe Flash support and decent connectivity options.
Read more »

Kinect’s cousin is called WAVI Xtion, available for your PC soon

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The fella in question with the rather mouthful of a name is developed by ASUS and the creators of Kinect’s motion-sensing camera system PrimeSense. With its main habitat being the living room, it allows you to control your TV-attached PC using full body interactions.

WAVI Xtion

Browsing multimedia content, accessing the Internet and social networking are among some of the possible uses of the WAVI Xtion, which will be released in phases sometime during Q2 this year.

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Samsung finishes the development of the world’s first DDR4 DRAM

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Although DDR4 DRAM is not expected to be in anyone’s computer system until the beginning of 2012, Samsung is already done developing it. The new DDR4 modules will not only be faster than their DDR3 predecessor, but they are going to run using less power as well.

Samsung DDR4 DRAM module

In order to accomplish the lower power consumption of the modules, Samsung is using the 30nm-class process technology.

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