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Windows 8 tablets hardware specification requirements are out

by 44 comments

Windows 8 tablets will be put through the same strict regime as Windows Phone 7 devices as to what hardware goes in them and what OEMs are allowed to put.

This was to be expected from Redmond, as the company has set a goal to keep solid user experience across its different devices. Interestingly enough, Microsoft seems to be allowing both tablets and convertibles (i.e. ASUS Transformer Prime) to run its tablet version of Windows 8. Read more »

Meet the Samsung Galaxy R in our unboxing and quick hands-on [VIDEO]

by 28 comments

Guys, meet the Samsung Galaxy R I9103, a value-oriented version of the Galaxy S II. But don’t rush into thinking that being cheaper than its bigger brother makes the I9103 a tripped horse.

The box certainly looks the part designed in stylish black with minimalist branding and hints that the phone inside is just as good-looking. Read more »

First Max Payne 3 gameplay video pops up, shows great effort from Rockstar

by 38 comments

The first release trailer of Max Payne 3 left us with many questions about the game’s graphics, mechanics and overall feel. Would it build on the previous two iterations of the game or would it just ruin it in a blink of an eye?

Fortunately, the latest video from Max Payne 3 happens to be a gameplay one and let me tell you – it gives answers to all our doubts. Read more »

Yahoo co-founder Jerry Yang resigns after 17 years of service

by 11 comments

Jerry Yang, Yahoo’s co-founder and former CEO, resigned on Tuesday to pursuit interests outside Yahoo!.

This comes as a bit of a shock from Yang, who co-founded Yahoo! in 1995 with David Filo and managed the company as a CEO from June 2007 to January 2009, when he was forced to step down after saying “No” to Microsoft’s acquisition offer. Read more »

English Wikipedia, XDA-Developers and Reddit to protest against S.O.P.A. with site blackouts

by 24 comments

The Wikimedia foundation, which is the company behind Wikipedia, along with XDA-Developers and Reddit have joined the anti-SOPA protests. The three companies will be blacking out their websites tomorrow, 18 January for a whole day in an attempt to spread the word about the Stop Online Piracy Act, also known as S.O.P.A.

This was first announced by Wikipedia’s co-founder Jimmy Wales and later got officially confirmed on by Wikimedia. An appeal from Wikipedia will be replacing every English page of the website.

According to Wales more than 25 million people will be affected by the Wikipedia blackout and that will be the best way to spread awareness of the mountain of problems for the freedom of the Internet this Act is going to introduce, should it pass. Read more »

Steve Jobs action figure canceled

by 19 comments

After all the hype it’s come to this. In Icons’ Tandy Cheung has ceased the production of the Steve Jobs action figure, which was announced just a few weeks ago. The reason? Immense pressure from Apple’s lawyers and Job’s family.

And although the creator of the 12-inch figurine says his actions haven’t violated any laws, as Apple suggested earlier, he chose to respect the wish of Steve Job’s family to stop the production and distribution of the doll. Here is his full statement. Read more »

Dress up your iPhone 4S with a self-healing Scratch Shield case by Nissan

by 45 comments

Yes, you read right. Nissan, the car maker corporation, has created a protection case for the iPhone 4S, called the Scratch Shield.

But, you see, Scratch Shield isn’t your ordinary protective case, because not only does it protect your iPhone from possible injuries — it also heals itself afterwards from any mild scratches. Read more »

ASUS will not release its $249 MeMo tablet in the UK

by 21 comments

Remember the surprising announcement of an $249 (£160) that ASUS and NVidia made at CES? Yeah, if you live in the UK, that’s not coming to you.

ASUS announced that it won’t be releasing its cheap 7″ quad-core Tegra 3-packing tablet for the UK market. We are surprised at the company’s decision as well, but here’s how the company explains it. Read more »

Sony Tablet P and Tablet S hands-on

by 35 comments

Yes, yes, we know Sony’s Tablet P and Tablet S aren’t exactly hot or new in the tech world, but even a few months after their market release they are still quite interesting.

Sony put a lot of effort into differentiating its two tablets from the pack of Android slates out there and it’s done a really good job. The Tablet P for example, with it’s dual touchscreens, is as bold a slate as it gets and the magazine-like Tablet S is not the most common of sights either. Let’s dive in. Read more »

PlayStation Vita hands-on

by 36 comments

We finally got to spend some quality time with the Sony PlayStation Vita, the successor of the PlayStation Portable and what a successor it is. Sony said that the Vita is going to revolutionize the way people play games on the go and after our hands-on with the portable console we are starting to suspect they may be right.

If you’ve owned a PS3 or a PSP, you’ll immediately feel the PlayStation Vita quite familiar. But once you start to dig deeper you will realize that it brings a dramatic improvement to the whole gaming experience, thanks to its bright and crisp 5.5-inch OLED touchscreen, the classic PlayStation controls and the touchpad at the back. Read more »

Google Maps update brings more indoor locations and its own Maps Game

by 15 comments

Google has just released an update to its Maps app for Android. The update brings more indoor floor plans and should prevent you from getting lost at CES or some of the other famous venues in Vegas.

The list of new places includes famous casinos and venues from the Las Vegas strip as well as Las Vegas McCarran International Airport. The most interesting addition, however, is the new Google Maps game for Google+. Read more »

HTC Titan II vs. Nokia Lumia 900 vs. Samsung Focus S – the ultimate WP showdown [TABLE]

by 104 comments

CES 2012 certainly stirred things up a bit in the Windows Phone camp. Nokia unveiled their new flagship, the Lumia 900, while HTC announced the cameraphone monster that is the Titan II.

Both phones come with support for the blazing fast AT&T 4G LTE network and should appear on the shelves in the second quarter of this year. But the question remains – which one is the right one for you. We’ll try to find the answer to that by comparing them to one of the best pre-CES WP smartphones – the Samsung Focus S. Read more »

ASUS and NVidia CEOs show a 7-inch Tegra 3-powered tablet with ICS for $249

by 22 comments

This is amazing and yes, you read this right. ASUS CEO Jonney Shih and NVidia CEO Jen-Hsun Huang stepped up on stage at NVidia’s press event at CES and teased a 7-inch ASUS tablet running Ice Cream Sandwich on the quad-core (actually, penta-core) Tegra 3 chip and said that it will cost just $249.

The tablet ASUS’ CEO flashed on stage looked like the Eee Pad MeMo ME171, but without an official confirmation from ASUS we can’t be sure. Read more »

Asus Transformer Prime 700T with FullHD screen officially announced, makes quick work of other tablets

by 15 comments

Asus is certainly aiming to become one of the big players in the tablet game. After releasing the first quad-core tablet last month, today at CES the company unveiled the Asus Transformer Prime TF700T featuring a 10.1″ 1920×1200 resolution display.

That’s right, we got another FullHD tablet. Clearly, ASUS is responding to Acer’s Iconia Tab A700 tablet challenge. The Transformer Prime TF700T display uses the same SuperIPS+ technology as on the original Prime TF201, which promises splendid viewing angles and contrast. Read more »

Lenovo continues CES invasion with IdeaCentre B-series all-in-ones and refreshed desktops

by 3 comments

If you thought Lenovo was going to stop its announcements at ultrabooks and netbooks, you obviously don’t know the company very well. The Chinese announcement marathon continued with a bunch of solid desktop computers and refreshed all-in-ones.

More specifically, the IdeaCentre B-series got a refresh in the form of the B540 and B340 powerful all-in-ones, while the Lenovo desktop family got new members from the IdeaCentre K and H series. Read more »