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Google Maps finally supports real-time traffic rerouting, unsurpisingly Android only

If you rely on the Google Maps Navigation app for going places on everyday basis, you’d be very happy to hear that now Google has thrown support for real-time rerouting, based on traffic reports. This means that you would hopefully spend less time in traffic as Google Maps new algorithms guide you around it.

With the new Google Maps update, you’ll be given a choice to reroute to a bit longer, but free from traffic road. Be aware, that the update is available to Android users only. So, if you have an iPhone, you are out of luck.

Here’s a screenshot of how the rerouting process actually looks like. Naturally, to be able to use this, you’ll have to be in North America or in one of the European countries where real-time traffic data is available. At this time, the Navigation part of Google Maps is not available in all regions too.

You can find the updated Google Maps in the Android Market.



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