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Most popular camera on Flickr? The Nikon D90, but the iPhone 4 is a close second

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Flickr is one of the first websites that comes to mind when you have some photos to share with friends or when you just want to upload your cat photo albums for everyone to admire. For several years Flickr has been the place to upload and share photos, no matter your how skilled you are or what gear you have.

Talking about gear, Flickr has pretty interesting statistics regarding the most used cameras that upload to their site. The top spot is taken by the good ol’ Nikon D90 – a nearly three-year-old DSLR camera, which is not such a surprise. The real shocker, is the runner-up. It’s the iPhone 4, and looking at the charts below it comes really, really close to taking the crown as Flickr’s most popular camera. Read more »

Good times for Google as Q1 financial results come in, 350K Android devices get activated daily

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It’s the time of the year when companies announce their financial results for the first quarter and Google has just posted theirs. All in all it’s been a good three months for Google and Android. The company has managed to surpass last quarter’s results, while Android has been steadily and surely winning people’s hearts… and hard-earned cash.

Let’s get the numbers rolling. Google’s gross revenue for the first quarter of 2011 accounts for $8.58 billion, which is a serious 27% increase over the first quarter of 2010. Read more »

iOS 4.3.2 is out for the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, Verizon iPhone users get iOS 4.2.7

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Less than a month after releasing iOS version 4.3.1, Apple is now pushing a 4.3.2 update. The update doesn’t bring anything major though, but it wouldn’t hurt to get it, since it packs the latest security fixes.

The CDMA iPhone (Verizon iPhone), while still far behind its GSM brother, got an update to version 4.2.7. It doesn’t really address the recent complaints users have with failing to connect to the 3G network, but rather includes the same security fixes as the 4.3.2 version. Read more »

Clash of the titans – HTC Sensation vs. Samsung Galaxy S II [TABLE]

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HTC Sensation has just been announced and it couldn’t sound juicer with its 1.2Ghz dual-core Snapdragon processor, 768MB of RAM, 4.3-inch resolution with qHD resolution of 560×940 pixels. Combine that with an 8MP auto-focus camera capable of capturing 1080p full HD videos and the Samsung Galaxy S II has a real rival coming up against it.

It all sounds intriguing, but let’s point the stage lights at the facts and let them talk for themselves. Read more »

Here is what the new Symbian Anna (PR2) is all about [VIDEO]

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We already greeted the just announced Nokia E6 and Nokia X7 – the new models, which bring some freshness into the Finnish company’s lineup of Symbian phones.

With them comes and a new update to Symbian neatly called “Anna”, which The devices going to enjoy the update are the Nokia N8, E7, C7 and C6-01, alongside with the X7 and E6, of course, who are going to pack it out of the box. Read more »

Watch the Nokia E6 product manager talk about his baby

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It’s great day for Symbian as the Nokia E6 and Nokia X7 have just been announced. Naturally, with all the excitement come some video interviews.

Here’s one such interview with the Nokia E6 Product Manager getting all pumped up about his newly revealed baby. Read more »

CyanogenMod 7.0 final is out, available for 30 devices

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Cyanogen and the never-sleeping CyanogenMod developer community have finally released CyanogenMod 7.0 ROM, based on the latest version of Android 2.3.3 Gingerbread. This is great news for everybody eagerly awaiting to finally get their phone updated to the latest Google has to offer.

The changelog from the previous major release of CM 6.1 is impressive and it’s mind-boggling how much has been done for the last four months. Read more »

The Acer Iconia Tab A500 may be coming your way this month, see how it stacks up vs the iPad 2 and the Galaxy Tab 10.1 [TABLE]

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The iPad 2 killer has just arrived and it’s called the Iconia Tab A500. Ok, I admit I might be stretching it a bit – you know, the name might not be as catchy and it will definitely not make any Apple lovers switch sides. But for those of you that are yet undecided on where their tablet legions lie, Acer’s newest tablet might just be a viable option.

The Acer Iconia Tab is definitely one of the best and most reasonably priced Android tablets to hit the market. Well hitting the US market is what this tablet will do just fine, we should only wait until April 24th. Pre-orders for the Honeycomb-running 10.1-inch Iconia Tab A500 are starting today from Best Buy. And it starts at the reasonable $449.99. That’s rock-bottom pricing there. It sure looks like the iPad will be the price setter for the whole category of tablet devices. Read more »

Sony Ericsson wants YOU to vote how their future microUSB cables should look like

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Most phone manufacturers are very proactive on Facebook recently, reaching to their fans mainly for product advertising and news. Sony Ericsson is taking this initiative one step further, and asks its Facebook fans about how their future microUSB cables should look like.

As you can see in the photos above, there are three choices for you to consider – the straight connecting cable or the two that are top or bottom-angled. Read more »

Angry Birds Seasons gets an update for Easter, the original Angry Birds and Rio are not left out

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Easter is coming and you know how RovioMobile, the developer of the blockbuster game Angry Birds rolls when a major holiday is just around the corner. Yes, an Easter update to Angry Birds Seasons is imminent and is coming later this month, as Rovio themselves tweeted recently.

The exact number of levels the update is going to include is not clear yet, but I personally expect around 15 levels worth of pig slaying. But that’s not all – the original Angry Birds and the latest Angry Birds Rio will also get updated. Read more »

Here is how Qualcomm keeps its engineers at their best [Video]

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I don’t know about you, but designing processors and graphics chips isn’t the easiest job in the world. That’s why Qualcomm has developed a new, and rather innovative way of making sure their chipset engineers are always giving a top-notch performance.

Welcome to a real Dragons Retreat. A place where the humbleness of the nature, the brilliance of the human mind and… komodo dragons can connect and be in real harmony. Check this awesome video of how Qualcomm employed dragons help people design Snapdragons. Read more »

Mozilla releases Firefox 4 Mobile final for Android and Maemo, get your hands on it now

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If you haven’t tried the release candidate of Firefox 4 for Android and Maemo which Mozilla released a week earlier, now you don’t have any excuse not to download the final version unleashed just hours ago. Firefox 4 Mobile is a true reincarnation of its desktop brother with its support for add-ons, tabs, Firefox sync and it comes with serious speed improvements.

While tabbed browsing isn’t something we haven’t seen before, add-ons and sync are some seriously cool features that you should give a try – if you are an Android or a Maemo guy, that is. Unfortunately, those of you with Read more »

Mozilla Firefox 4 Release Candidate hits Android and Maemo devices [Video]

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Today, 6 months after the first beta was released, Mozilla finally unveiled a release candidate version of Firefox 4 for Android and Maemo devices. This means that we are just a few weeks away from a final, perfectly stable version.

The new RC brings a lot of improvements over the beta version, including smoother scrolling, improved version of Firefox Sync, which allows you to sync Firefox’s data across multiple devices. Read more »

Apple iPad 2 vs. Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 vs Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9

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The tablet wars have just heated up immensely and we might be on the verge of an explosion right now, as Samsung has just revealed its two new weapons – the refreshed Galaxy Tab 10.1 and the Galaxy Tab 8.9. We already told you what they are all about and now comes the time for the big question – how do they compare to the new tablet blockbuster – the iPad 2?

A couple of weeks ago, Samsung’s CEO said that he feels the Galaxy Tab 10.1 felt “inadequate” to the newly released iPad 2 and that some changes needed to take place, one of which was the pricing. I can only say bravo to Samsung for making such radical of a changes in such a short period of time. They actually managed to make the new Tabs even thinner than the iPad 2, measuring at just 8.6mm thickness. Read more »

Angry Birds Rio for Android will be available exclusively through the upcoming Amazon app store

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Back in January, Rovio and 20th Century Fox announced their partnership to bring an Angry Birds game, based on the 3D animation movie Rio. Today, though, Rovio made an unexpected announcement. The latest installment of the Angry Birds series is going to be exclusive to Amazon’s Android app store.

Although this is going to be a great push forward for the newest Android app store it begs the question – does the world really need another application market? Read more »