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Pre-Apple iPad 2 event fever and rumors, stay tuned for the big announcement

Everyone is impatiently waiting for the Apple iPad 2 announcement taking place today in less than half an hour. As you can imagine the rumors and pre-event allegations are pouring out from known and unknown sources.

Such a rumor is that we shouldn’t be so excited about the iPad 2, because it’s more of a ‘ho-hum update’ rather than something fundamental, which is what the iPad 3 is going to be. Of course, this being a rumor, the Apple staffer in question hasn’t mentioned any iPad 3 specs or details at all. I tend to not believe this, as history has proven that Apple are not into that sort of thing. Releasing consequent versions of the same device in one year, that is.

Another expectation, or a wish rather, is that Steve Jobs himself will make a short appearance at today’s event. Sources close to Jobs have confirmed that he, despite being on a medical leave, has been seriously thinking of attending the event and even stepping up on stage. This will definitely bring some of Apple’s lost stock market positions back, but don’t expect Big Steve to take an important role of the actual reveal of the iPad 2.

Let’s get back from Rumorland and get straight to the facts here. The Apple Store is currently down, which indicates that indeed something big will happen today. You can bet that we are going to cover everything that is happening today from Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in San Francisco.

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