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Apple to unveil the iPad 2 on Wednesday, March 2 at a special event in San Francisco

Apple will hold a special event on Wednesday, March 2 where it will lift the curtains on the successor of its trendsetting tablet – the iPad 2. As usual, Apple is holding its cards close to the chest and nothing is known for sure just yet.

We can’t be too sure whether we can judge anything from the invitation image they’ve sent out above, as it looks pretty much as the original iPad. However, Apple has been known for making subtle design changes, not radical ones.

The iPad 2 is expected to come out some time in April, with pricing close to the one of its predecessor. I really hope to see some dual-core processing action going on or at least an iPad with a Retina display. Whether Steve Jobs will unveil the iPad 2 is still unknown, but I really do hope he is in good enough health to get back on stage.



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