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Unboxing the Motorola RAZR – 7.1mm of Kevlar, Gorilla Glass and Android [VIDEO]

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Be careful not to cut yourself – the new Motorola RAZR XT910 droid is 7.1mm sharp. We got it out of its box gently to rummage around and then played with the RAZR itself. The Kevlar coating on the turned out to be much more pleasant than we thought and the high-res SuperAMOLED screen does look impressive.

But first things first – the box contents are what you would expect (charger, USB cable, etc.). The interesting accessories, like the Lapdock 500 that turns the RAZR into a 14″ Android netbook, are sold separately. Even without those, however, the Motorola RAZR is an impressive piece of kit. Read more »

Samsung fixes the problems with the Android 3.2 update for the Galaxy Tab 10.1, releases it again

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Samsung is ready to have a second go at updating the Galaxy Tab 10.1 to Android 3.2 this time everything should go smoothly. The original update that went out last week left some people without Wi-Fi (pretty bad if you have the Wi-Fi only model) and had other issues too. Installing this through Samsung Kies should fix the problem.

People who still have Internet connectivity should be getting notifications that the Over-The-Air update is available. Read more »

Windows 8 to install much quicker, 11 clicks is all you need

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The Windows installation process either frustrates people because they know it will take a lot of time (if they know how to do it at all) or intimidates them with the complexity of the procedure. Microsoft are redesigning the process for their upcoming Windows 8 OS to deal with both problems.

You can still do an advanced setup, which will let give you the most control over how the OS is installed, or you can do a streamlined setup, which is started by simply running an .EXE file or via web delivery. Read more »

BlackBerry PlayBook hacked to run classic DOS games, Windows 3.11 just for the fun of it

by 13 comments

Yeah, the BlackBerry PlayBook can run Android apps, big deal – can it run DOS apps though? The answer is yes, yes it can – Prince of Persia, Wolfenstein 3D, Lion King and even Windows 3.11 all run on the PlayBook thanks to the efforts of self professed (ab)users over at the CrackBerry forums.

Running DOS on a device is like asking “Will it blend?” – it seems like a pointless ordeal but curiosity gets the best of you and you watch the video. Come after the jump, you know you want to look. Read more »

The Android-powered gadgets number 200 million, over 550 thousand get activated each day

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At yesterday’s Google Music event, Google gave a quick update about Android activations – over 550,000 droids get activated each day and their total number is 200 million (it was 190 million a month ago).

But is the number of activations per day tapering off? The quoted numbers make it seem like it is. Read more »

Amazon Kindle Fire gets one-click rooted, then torn down to see what makes it tick

by 9 comments

Poor Amazon Kindle Fire was subjected to both physical and psychological attacks – there’s already a one-click rooting tool for it and the 7″ tablet was disassembled by people curios to see what’s inside.

The usual suspects over at iFixit tore open the Kindle Fire and reported with a list of components and a fairly good repairability score. Read more »

Unboxing the HTC Sensation XL – entering the lair of the 4.7″ droid with the Monster headset [VIDEO]

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XL – a universally recognized label for stuff bigger than regular. But don’t worry, the HTC Sensation XL fills its XL clothing with a 4.7″ screen rather than whatever the gadgetry equivalent of flabby fat is.

No, sir, this soldier here is a lean mean fighting machine. The XL packs virtually the same hardware as the recently reviewed HTC Titan – that means a single 1.5GHz CPU core and 8MP camera. But it’s a Sensation and like its sibling (the recently reviewed XE), it comes with the Monster iBeats headset which gives a hefty boost to the value for money of the package. Read more »

CyanogenMod team working to bring Ice Cream Sandwich to all supported devices in two months time

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If you own one of the 60+ devices supported by CyanogenMod, you can rest assured that your droid gadget will be getting a taste of Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS) one way or another. The Cyanogen team announced they have already started working on CyanogenMod 9, which will be based on ICS.

We can expect results as early as two months from now (keep in mind the ICS source code was just released). It will probably take most makers and carriers much longer than that to put out the ICS update for their devices. Read more »

IDC report shows shows devs have increasing interest in WP7, Kindle Fire almost as interesting as original iPad

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IDC queried devs that use the Appcelerator platform and has some very interesting stats to share. The Nokia/Microsoft dual effort to attract developers is paying off – Windows Phone comes out as the third most desirable mobile platform to develop for (a big thing, considering WP7′s limited market share).

Also, Amazon’s new Kindle Fire is stirring things up in the Android tablet world, overtaking the Samsung Galaxy Tab in the US as the Android tablet most devs are interested in working for. Read more »

Synaptics shows cool Windows 8 integration, lets you use a laptop’s touchpad as a sort-of touchscreen

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The upcoming Windows 8 is a huge jump ahead in terms of touchscreen usability, but some worry that’s at the cost of non-touchscreen usability. Well, Synaptics are showing off a cool concept which uses the touchpad on a laptop to mimic a touchscreen.

The concept is called Synaptics Gesture Suite (SGS) and works surprisingly well for some gestures – switching between app with a horizontal swipe, docking apps to the screen, using tabs in Internet Explorer all seem highly usable and cool. Read more »

Samsung Galaxy Nexus benchmarked, shows much improved browser performance in Ice Cream Sandwich

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We got our hands on a Samsung Galaxy Nexus yesterday and we fiddled with its camera. Today, we decided to run a few benchmarks to see what would happen. The phone is running a buggy developer version of Ice Cream Sandwich, but managed to show some impressive scores.

We pulled a few numbers from benchmarks we’ve ran before, so we can compare the Galaxy Nexus against some of the high-end droids on the market. Read more »

Camera comparison: iPhone 4 vs. iPhone 4S [VIDEO]

by 90 comments

The iPhone 4S is already sweating through our tests – and it has impressed us quite a bit so far. We’re busy shooting photo and video samples, running benchmarks and otherwise examining Apple’s newest superphone.

One part of the camera testing is done – a side-by-side comparison of the FullHD videos that the iPhone 4S shoots and a 720p HD video from the iPhone 4. Consider this a teaser of what’s to come. Read more »

PCWorld does extensive shootout with iPhone 4S and top-end droids, we weigh in too

by 94 comments

PCWorld did a meticulous shootout with the new iPhone 4S, the iPhone 4 and some of the best Android shooters. The shootout covers both still and video capturing capabilities and includes a point-and-shoot camera as a control.

Here’s what PCWorld found, along with our commentary on the sample images. Read more »

Quantum super conductor + magnets = Levitation [VIDEO]

by 31 comments

Have you ever heard of quantum superconductors? Well, you’ll want to see what they can do when you throw in some magnets. This is just the kind of thing that can result in an antigravity car, like uncle Ben and Luke rode around on Tatooine.

Check out the video to see the quantum-y levitation action Read more »

ChatON by Samsung brings free text and multimedia messages to Android, other platforms coming soon [VIDEO]

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Samsung is launching their ChatON service today – a free service that lets you send text messages (including group chat), multimedia and even hand-drawn animated messages. The Android app is live now and there’s a Bada app incoming. Some feature phones are getting it too.

Basically, ChatON is Samsung’s answer to iMessage and BBM, with the added advantage of covering more platforms than just iOS and BlackBerry. Both platform will be supported by ChatON in the future. Read more »