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Ouya team speeds up production, last dev units should ship by late May

The developer version of the Ouya game console has been shipping to Kickstarter backers for a couple of weeks now but some eager devs are still questioning the Ouya team about when they’ll get theirs. The team responded with an update saying they’ve already optimized things by changing one of their partners, a change that will shorten the wait by a few days.

The number of consoles shipped per day is on the rise and the plan is to keep increasing the pace. The chart above shows Ouya’s predictions of how many deliveries will be made by the end of the month.

About a quarter of all shipments will be fulfilled by the end of the month. Late May is the target to complete all shipments to Kickstarter backers. Just in time too, the Ouya console is supposed to go into retail on June 4.

There will be weekly updates on the shipping of the console, so you can keep an eye on the project’s kickstarter page if you’re still waiting.



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