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PCWorld does extensive shootout with iPhone 4S and top-end droids, we weigh in too

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PCWorld did a meticulous shootout with the new iPhone 4S, the iPhone 4 and some of the best Android shooters. The shootout covers both still and video capturing capabilities and includes a point-and-shoot camera as a control.

Here’s what PCWorld found, along with our commentary on the sample images. Read more »

Quantum super conductor + magnets = Levitation [VIDEO]

by 31 comments

Have you ever heard of quantum superconductors? Well, you’ll want to see what they can do when you throw in some magnets. This is just the kind of thing that can result in an antigravity car, like uncle Ben and Luke rode around on Tatooine.

Check out the video to see the quantum-y levitation action Read more »

ChatON by Samsung brings free text and multimedia messages to Android, other platforms coming soon [VIDEO]

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Samsung is launching their ChatON service today – a free service that lets you send text messages (including group chat), multimedia and even hand-drawn animated messages. The Android app is live now and there’s a Bada app incoming. Some feature phones are getting it too.

Basically, ChatON is Samsung’s answer to iMessage and BBM, with the added advantage of covering more platforms than just iOS and BlackBerry. Both platform will be supported by ChatON in the future. Read more »

Sony Ericsson Live with Walkman plays some tunes in our office [VIDEO]

by 24 comments

The Walkman brand is making a comeback in the Sony Ericsson lineup – if the W8 seemed unconvincing, the Sony Ericsson Live with Walkman should dispel any remaining doubt.

The specs sheet quotes the Xperia mini most of the time, but there are some changes exclusive to Live – like the stereo speakers on the back, the dedicated Walkman button and accompanying light. The screen has grown to 3.2″, but has kept the HVGA resolution. Read more »

The HP Touchpad gets Android thanks to an alpha CyanogenMod 7.1 release [VIDEO]

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Got an HP TouchPad, do you? Well, you either got it before HP axed it or you snatched one up for $99 (lucky you!) – either way, there’s a good chance you want to lose the WebOS and move to a more popular OS, Android to be precise.

Ask yourself how much you want it – because you can get it right now, the CyanogenMod team just released an alpha of v7.1 that you can install. But it’s a really early version and the team themselves discourage you from installing it because you’ll encounter problems “ranging from the benign to the very serious”. Read more »

Quick camera comparison: Nokia N9 vs. Nokia N8 [FEATURED]

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We’re continuing our work on the Nokia N9 review and we have another bit to share with you – a quick look at the new camera. It’s a clever system that Damian Dinning (Nokia’s camera guru) explained at length, but we decided to do a quick test ourselves.

We took two shots with the N9 and the Nokia N8, check out the camera samples after the break. We also prepared 100% crops to highlight the differences between the two phones. Read more »

$2 Samsung Galaxy S II phones stealing the spotlight from the iPhone 4S in Australia

by 96 comments

Samsung have undertaken less than subtle ways to continue its fight against Apple in Australia. They’ve set up a temporary shop in Sydney just outsides Apple’s own shop and are offering Samsung Galaxy S II droids for $2.

Sounds like a great deal, right? It is, but there’s a catch. Even so, the line to the Samsung store is reportedly longer than the line to Apple’s store. Read more »

Will the Nokia Ace Windows Phone be called ‘Lumia 800′?

by 23 comments

We just found out that the Nokia Sea Ray, the first Windows Phone handset from the Finnish manufacturer, will supposedly be called ‘Sun’. There are at least a couple of other WP7 Nokia phones in the rumor mill and one of them might be called ‘Lumia’.

Occasional Gamer, who develop games for Windows Phone, have a stats page with a long list of phones. One of them is the Sea Ray, but there’s also the Nokia Lumia 800. Read more »

iPhone 4S has Bluetooth 4.0 support but not NFC – what’s the difference?

by 51 comments

Yesterday’s event put an end to the rumors that the next iPhone will have NFC – it doesn’t. The iPhone 4S does have Bluetooth 4.0 however, does that replace it? Well, my guess is no. But it does open up the door for improvement in some categories of wireless gadgets popular with the iPhone crowd.

Bluetooth 4.0 features a Low Energy mode that uses less power, has lower latency and higher range, but doesn’t have the bandwidth for bulk data transfers. Read more »

This is the iPhone family in the US – prices, capacities and carriers (Sprint’s in)

by 5 comments

Well, there’s no iPhone 5, just the 4S. But what of the older models? In a surprising move, Apple decided not to deprecate the 3GS, which puts the number of iPhone models currently available to three.

First of all, the iPhone 4 was just put in the “old” category and it will remain in the portfolio only in its 8GB version. Read more »

iPhone 4S launch dates across the world – see when and where

by 37 comments

You couldn’t have missed it – the Internet almost collapsed under the pressure of people who wanted to see the next smartphone from Apple. Well, the announcement is over so here’s a list of countries that will get the iPhone 4S first.

Tim Cook says “This will be the fastest iPhone rollout we’ve ever had”. It will happen in three waves of announced launches. The first starts on October 14th (with pre-orders taking place from the 7th onwards), here are the lucky countries: Read more »

iPhone 4S photos pop up on Apple’s site, should be released on October 14th

by 16 comments

It’s time to shed any remaining doubt about the iPhone 4S (not that there was much left). Images from Apple’s own website show the black and white 4S model (the file name clearly says “4s”), that is practically indistinguishable from the iPhone 4.

However, have a closer look at the icon just above the “Phone” app. It’s the Newsstand app, which is a part of iOS5 – the OS that the 4S will launch with. Read more »

Nokia sweet-talking devs into creating apps for WP7, partner with Microsoft to really reel them in

by 21 comments

Nokia bet the house on the Microsoft deal, so they’re trying to make sure all goes well once their first Windows Phone 7 handset launches. They are reportedly talking to app developers, trying to lure them in and expand the app catalogue of the Windows Phone 7 Marketplace.

Microsoft is also trying to grow the developer base for WP7 through promotions of their own, so devs can cash in on the incentives from both companies. Read more »

Gameloft offers four Android games for $0.99 this weekend, and The Oregon Trail for iOS is free for a limited time

by 19 comments

Here’s a quick tip for droid users who are wondering what to do during the weekend – Gameloft has lined up a selection of four games, each of which will cost just $0.99 just this weekend. The games are N.O.V.A., UNO, Assassin’s Creed and Asphalt 6.

iOS users are covered too – UNO and Asphalt 6 cost $0.99 right now and you can snatch up The Oregon Trail for free (this is a limited time giveaway). Read more »

The Samsung Galaxy Note phoneblet takes on our benchmark course

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So, it’s here – it because we’re still not quite sure what to call the Samsung Galaxy Note. It’s too big to be a phone, a 5.3″ is quite a bit bigger than even the 4.65/4.7 inch screens we’ve been seeing lately.

It’s not quite a “tablet” either Read more »