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Sony Ericsson Xperia PLAY loads PS1 games from ISO images with a bit of hack-magic

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The Sony Ericsson Xperia PLAY promised to play PlayStation One games and it does – but only ones you get from the dedicated market. An industrious dev is working on (an unofficial) way to load any PS1 game from an ISO image of its disk and play it in the Xperia PLAY’s own emulator.

It’s still a work in progress, but you can check out this video of an Xperia PLAY running Crash Bandicoot 3 to see how far the develoment has gone. Read more »

Tango update to enable cheap Windows Phone 7 handsets from Nokia?

by 29 comments

What comes after Mango? Tango. At least that’s the latest rumor regarding Windows Phone 7, which saw its first major update released to manufacturers just a couple of weeks ago.

Tango is reportedly a minor update (like NoDo), which will focus on bringing WP7 to lower-end phones (current minimum requirements for a WP7 handset are rather high). The update may even be all about Nokia, who plan to push Windows Phone prices down. Read more »

Acer Aspire 3951 images and specs leak, an ultrabook that takes aim at the MacBook Air

by 63 comments

Intel has been talking about its ultrabooks for a while and now some leaked specs of an Acer-made ultrabook show what they could be like. The Acer Aspire 3951 (catchy name) is a 13.3″ laptop with aluminum body that is just 13mm thick and weighs about 1.4kg.

I’d love to see some official specs on the Aspire 3951 but for now we’ll just have to look at the rumors – a second-generation Intel Core processor (that’s Sandy Bridge) and optional SSD sure sound good. If the 160GB SSD is too small for you, there are 250GB and 500GB HDD options too. Read more »

AMD unleashes Radeon-branded DDR3 memory in different versions, price isn’t bad at all

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This one is for AMD fans – Radeon-branded, AMD-manufactured DDR3 RAM modules. They will come in three flavors, but all share the same capacity – 2GB. The differences are in clock speed and timings.

The three flavors are Entertainment, ULTRA PRO Gaming and Enterprise. The Entertainment line is clocked at 1333MHz (9-9-9 timings), while the ULTRA PRO Gaming goes at 1600MHz (11-11-11). Read more »

Chrome loads pages the fastest, but Firefox leads in perceived speed

by 21 comments

According to Compuware’s web benchmarking division, page load times are a neck and neck race between Chrome and Firefox. Internet Explorer 9, despite a good speedup is still behind, while Safari 5 has almost caught up with Firefox.

It’s an interesting report, especially the difference between perceived loading speeds and full page load speeds. Opera was left out of the report and Chrome was tested only up to version 12, not 13 (the latest currently available). Read more »

Promo video of Huawei Vision and 360-degree spin tease with smooth 3D UI, cool unibody

by 22 comments

Huawei’s recently announced premium droid, the Vision, is proving quite the talking point for users, so you might find this interesting – a promo video, which highlights the custom eye-candy rich interface, and also a 360-degree spin to show off the sleek aluminum unibody.

The custom interface that runs on top of Android 2.3 Gingerbread is a modified version of SPB’s Shell 3D launcher. Check it out: Read more »

i’m Watch is powered by Android, costs as much as a Vertu if you want it in gold

by 521 comments

Watch phones are still fairly popular, but their main problem is that the models available aren’t very good. What if you could have a watch that’s powered by Android, is not a phone but can remotely control a smartphone and handle calls, show you incoming texts, notifications and so on and finally comes with a titanium or gold casing?

I’m betting not many people have thought about just such a configuration, but if you have – then i’m Watch is the one for you. It’s available in i’m Color (cheap, made of plastic) and i’m Jewel (pricier titanium or expensive gold versions). Read more »

Fujitsu F-07C reviewed, putting Symbian phone and Windows 7 netbook in the same package not a good idea

by 18 comments

Some things just shouldn’t exist but they do – the Windows 7 running Fujitsu F-07C is one of those things. Note that this is “Windows 7″, not “Windows Phone 7″. And that’s not the weird part either – the phone actually runs Symbian on an 600MHz Atom CPU, along with Windows 7 running inside a virtual machine (rather than a dual-boot solution as originally thought).

Actually, the idea behind the F-07C is a good one – it’s just that it’s too late. Akihabara News have a review of the odd gadget, so go check it out if you’re curious. Here are the highlights of the review. Read more »

HTC Droid Incredible 2 for Verizon could be coming in white, is the Incredible S to follow?

by 2 comments

White is turning into a premium color for luxury sedans and SUVs and smartphones alike – the HTC Droid Incredible 2 for Verizon will reportedly be ditching the black garbs for summer-friendly white, like others have done before it.

The front of the device will still be black, while the back cover (which extends around the sides of the phone) will be white. This new color scheme hasn’t been confirmed officially by Verizon yet, so take this with a pinch of salt. Read more »

Samsung reportedly working on 7-inch AMOLED display for September, both tablets and netbooks are welcome

by 16 comments

Last year at the FPD International “one of the most notable events for display related industries in the world”, Samsung showcased a 7″ AMOLED display with 1024×600 resolution. Now, a report claims that the display will be put into production in September with improved resolution of 1024×768.

Their goal is to reach 720p resolution on 7″ panels eventually, which will offer 180ppi pixel density. The new display will make its way into tablets and maybe even small netbooks. Read more »

Gmail for Android v2.3.5 update lets you pick what labels to sync, assign them custom ringtones

by 699 comments

After yesterdays update for Google Maps for Android, today it’s Gmail’s turn – the updated Android app now boasts better performance, can save bandwidth by syncing only priority email, and gives you fine-grained control over notifications.

You can head to the Market app on your droid and check the My Apps section to force the update or you can use the Android Market website. While the app is updating, here’s an overview of what’s new. Read more »

New Google Maps 5.8 on Android lets you add your own Places, upload your own photos

by 22 comments

Google Maps for Android just got bumped to version 5.8, with the main focus falling on making Places and Latitude better. The new version lets you add a new place to check into, if one isn’t already available (bringing it up to speed with Facebook’s check-ins), and you can snap and upload your own photos of a place which will help other users decide if that’s a place they want to visit.

Two features that debuted on the desktop have made their way to the mobile client too – My Places and Descriptive terms. Read more »

Stereoscopic hands-on video of the LG Optimus 3D focuses talks about the 3D

by 127 comments

We’ve reviewed the LG Optimus 3D just recently and told you all about its screen, the 3D cameras, and the 3D games. But nothing beats a video review of the Optimus 3D that’s shot in real 3D? Well, the guys at One Mobile Ring recorded a 11 minute video walkthrough of the phone’s more exciting features.

The video is uploaded to YouTube which supports plenty of anaglyph or polarized glasses – but just think, if you had an Optimus 3D you could use the YouTube 3D to watch the video glasses free. Read more »

Apple may be including face detection technology in iOS 5, 3rd party devs welcome

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We’ve already taken a peek at what iOS 5 has to offer, but it’s still in the beta stages of development. A report says that there will be a new feature that we haven’t seen so far – built-in face detection that is easily accessible to third party apps.

The same technology is already powering the face-detecting Photo Booth is OS X Lion, but it’s now coming to Apple’s mobile OS. Apple may or may not build their own app for iOS 5 that uses the technology, but third-party devs will get a go at it either way. Read more »

Scalado Rewind lets you re-frame group shot after the shot, let’s you make the best out of them [UPDATED]

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Group portraits are tough to get just right – chances of someone in the photo blinking or looking the wrong way increase with the number of people in the shot. Scalado’s Rewind technology is a time-warping solution to this age-old problem.

What Rewind does is take several full resolution shots instead of just one and then lets you combine people’s faces from these shots into one perfect group photo. Facial recognition makes this quite easy. It’s easier to explain by showing you the video demo. Read more »