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Skyfire brings Flash videos to the iPhone, finds its servers incapable of handling the pressure

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Yet another 3rd party web browser stormed the App Store yesterday. SkyFire 2.0 was made available yesterday, allowing iPhone users to enjoy Flash-videos without a jailbreak for the first time.

Of course it’s not quite the real thing, but it’s about infinite times better than what the native Safari offers in this aspect. The magic is done by the Skyfire servers that automatically convert embedded Flash videos to HTML5 before streaming it to the iPhone. Read more »

8pen promises to change touch-based text input for good

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With all current touch text input methods based on the good old QWERTY keyboards you might have some serious trouble typing quickly and accurately if you have larger fingers (or a smaller display) to work with. Enter the 8pen – the input alternative that tries to make all touch-users equal, regardless of their thumb size.

Available in the Android Market since last night, 8pen arranges all the characters around four diagonal lines on your display and uses circular gestures for typing. There required accuracy is thus reduced to a quarter of the typing area, which is basically impossible to miss. Read more »

8GB Archos 70 starts shipping, the 250GB HDD version is still on stand-by

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If you are on the hunt for a 7” Android tablet, you probably considered the Archos 70 at some point. And if you haven’t written it off for one reason or another you now have the chance to give it a hands-on in a store near you.

The ultra-slim Eclair-running tablet (Froyo update should come this month) is available for order through the company’s official US store and you can get it for 279 US dollars. Read more »

Eclair-running Sony Ericsson XPERIA X10 hands-on video and HD sample

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Sony Ericsson might have dropped from the top five manufacturer list but their XPERIA X10 flagship is back near the top of the smartphone food chain. The Eclair update took a while but it’s finally here and it brought HD video along so the wait might have been worth it.

And now we are giving you the chance to see both of those new XPERIA X10 perks through a couple of short videos. Read more »

Sony Ericsson talks more about the XPERIA X10 Eclair update, we give it a spin

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The long awaited Sony Ericsson XPERIA X10 update that takes the flagship to Android 2.1 Eclair is already being distributed as we speak. However it seems that a good portion of the users had some issues or questions about the update process so the company R&D team conducted an impromptu Q&A session in their blog.

Sony Ericsson XPERIA X10 running Android 2.1 Eclair

Apparently the exact launch dates for the update in each region are still unknown, but if you happen to live in the Nordic region, Russia, Singapore, Indonesia or most of Africa you should already have access to the update. And the troubles Scandinavian users had with the Android market yesterday were caused by the Google servers and not by the update. Read more »

Nokia C7 comes by the office, we get down to work

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Nokia C7 lacks the charisma of the N8 with its state-of-the-art camera and anodized aluminum body, but it’s still a slim midrange Symbian^3 device with metal casing and great all round connectivity, which is more than enough to make it attractive.

And as the tradition goes, we have prepared a bunch of live photos and a short unboxing/user interface video for you to enjoy until we prepare the full review.

Read more »

Rant: Nokia new naming convention is no less than a mess

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Okay someone had to step up and say it – Nokia’s new naming convention is a total failure. And I’m not talking about some minor setback here – it’s a full-scale epic fail.

Now I’m not saying they did that on purpose – their intentions probably looked good on paper. Place a letter in front to indicate series affiliation and follow it by the number showing the device’s place in its own series pecking order. Great idea, right – keep it nice and simple?

Read more »

Nokia updates swype beta for Symbian^1 (S60 5th edition) devices

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Nokia may be moving to Symbian^3 but it hasn’t forgotten about the millions of Symbian^1 handsets it managed to ship. The company’s engineers are still working on updates for them and today they released the latest Swype beta to all eager users.

The changelog for the new Swype beta is pretty long including a lot of bugfixes and performance improvements. Read more »

The latest Doritos ad treats you to a new Rhianna single and some wild 360-degrees videos

by 6 comments

You won’t hear me praising ads too often (though I do favor ad-supported apps as opposed to paid ones) but credit has to be given where it’s due. In this particular case the well deserved pat on the back goes for Doritos and their Late Night promotion.

If you go to you will treated to a bunch of interactive 360-degrees music videos. Interactive in this case means you can literally use your mouse to look around while the video is running and the lead singer is singing, walking or whatever. Read more »

Nokia brings Internet radio to S40 devices (meaning X2 and X3, for now)

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Internet radio is nothing new to Nokia smartphones but it’s only now that it’s making its debut on the company’s feature phones too. S40 devices just got a client that gives them access to thousands of online radio stations all over the world.

There’s also the necessary functionality to make finding the station you want easy. All the stations are organized by genre, language, countries and regions, but you can also search for a specific name. You can also mark stations as favorite so you can easily find them later. Read more »

Nokia N900 gets a software update, Ovi Suite support

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It is not the long awaited MeeGo dual-boot update, but as far as I am concerned any software update is good news. And Nokia just gave one to their last Maemo handset, the N900.

The update mainly focuses on bug fixes and performance improvements, adding “hundreds of tweaks and fixes that will make your N900 run faster and smoother than ever”. Read more »

LTE-enabled LG Android smartphone makes an unofficial appearance

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It’s no secret that Verizon is strongly committed to LTE and the first handsets supporting the standard should hit the shelves in a few weeks. It’s only now though that we are getting a hint of what they might look like.

The sleek LG device pictured above is one of the first additions to the LTE army and if its specs are as good as its looks it might turn out to be a real killer. So far we can only confirm the Android OS, an HD-capable camera and Wi-Fi connectivity. Read more » under DDoS attack, please bear with us

by 229 comments

You might have experienced some performance hiccups with over the past 48 hours. We have been under a massive DDoS attack in that time and while we are doing our best to keep the servers alive further problems accessing the site are still likely.

The attack involves over 20000 zombie computers so far, which in the first 24 hours alone sent more requests than we have received for the past 10 years combined. Read more »

ASUS EeePC 1015PN goes on sale, I so want one

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If you are considering getting a netbook anytime soon then by all means take a moment to check this out. Today ASUS announced that their latest EeePC, 1015PN has hit the shelves. The 10″ device sounds like very much the device to get if you are into something extra portable yet nice performing.

ASUS EeePC 1015PN comes with a dual core Intel Atom N550 CPU, clocked at 1.5 GHz. Read more »

11.6-inch Apple MacBook Air given the teardown treatment, DIY repairs not recommended

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There is a tradition going that when a hot piece of hardware is released the guys from ifixit tear it down and show whatever secrets lie inside. And there was just no way the 11.6” MacBook Air would avoid this as it is certainly one of the sweetest devices of the season.

The ultra-portable walked away with a repairability rating of 4 (out of 10), which suggests that you better not try to fix this at home. Read more »