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Opera 10.60 springs to life, ready to blow your mind with speed

by 26 comments

Today Opera released the latest version of their desktop web browser. It only took Opera 10.60 a few short weeks to go from beta to final version and now you should be able to experience its speed without annoying bugs and glitches.

Opera 10.60 promises a 50 percent improvement in JavaScript performance compared to Opera 10.5x. Considering that its predecessor was already in contention for the fastest browser available the Opera 10.60 should just blow away the competition. Read more »

Mozilla Firefox 4 pre-beta candidate released for Mac, Windows and Linux

by 205 comments

Okay, those alpha releases were somewhat tricky to get going and were so buggy that they were probably not worth it. However, now that Mozilla Firefox 4 has reached the pre-beta stages of its development, things start to look a whole lot better.

If you are eager to have a taste of the latest reincarnation of the world’s second most popular browser, all you need to do is follow the link and find the appropriate installer for you system. Read more »

Seagate FreeAgent GoFlex Desk is the World’s first 3TB external hard drive

by 26 comments

Looking for a place to store about 2000 movies or a few million photos? Well today Seagate gave it to you in the form of FreeAgent GoFlex Desk. The 3TB external flash drive will set you back 250 US dollars but will make sure you won’t run out of free space anytime soon.

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European HTC Hero finally gets Android 2.1 Eclair update

by 896 comments

Rejoice Hero owners around Europe – your time has come. After several months, a dozen of broken promises on the HTC side, the Eclair 2.1 update is finally making its way to unlocked Hero units around the old continent.

As we speak an 80 MB update is being pushed to devices purchased SIM free across Europe. Read more »

Samsung I9000 Galaxy S full battery test ready – up with the best

by 202 comments

Those SuperAMOLED smartphones can certainly take quite a lot of abuse before their batteries die. Even the Android-powered Samsung I9000 Galaxy S managed to live through good three and a half days of standby and some pretty extensive usage before it switched off. Yeap, the notoriously hard on the batteries Android might not be as bad as it is made out to be.

It didn’t manage to beat the S8500 Wave but the Samsung I9000 Galaxy S certainly managed to push a lot of work on a single charge. Here is what we did with it over the 84 hours from its full charge to its battery going flat. Read more »

Nokia N900 gets Android 2.2 Froyo, blazing fast web browser

by 728 comments

There’s just no stopping the Maemo community. Most of the Android world is still waiting to get a Froyo update (not to mention that some are still stuck on Cupcake and Donut), but a skilled developer managed to get the latest version of the Google OS up and running on a Nokia N900. And the video that comes to prove his achievement is pretty impressive (the pile of garbage used as background aside).

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Dell Streak goes SIM free for 449 GBP (550 euro)

by 11 comments

If you have decided that using a five-inch device as a mobile phone is something you can live with, but hate the whole long-term carrier commitment thing, I have some good news for you. Well, starting now you can get your shiny new Dell Streak SIM free and use it with whichever operator you see fit. It will set you back exactly 449 pounds, which is about 550 euro or 680 US dollars.

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Opera Mini users browse mostly at night, monthly report shows

by 441 comments

Opera have kept their tradition of including a fun fact about mobile browsing in their monthly State of the Mobile Web report. This time it concerns the preferred time of day for web browsing and it reveals a few interesting numbers.

It turns out that in all of the top 10 countries (in terms of Opera usage that is), the highest level of Opera Mini use is at the tail end of the day – from 8 p.m. to midnight. Read more »

Another video of the touch-touting MeeGo OS v1.1 surfaces, reconfirms blazing speed and buttery smoothness

by 29 comments

Another demo video of the touch-supporting MeeGo 1.1 OS just appeared. It doesn’t show too many new things about the platform but is of much higher quality than the ones made available during Computex last month.

While the first (non-touch) release of MeeGo has failed to set the netbook world alight, the 1.1 version of the OS jointly developed by Nokia and Intel is expected to become the next big thing in the tablets realm. Read more »

Google did collect passwords with their Street View cars after all

by 479 comments

A while ago Google’s Street View cars were caught red-handed, collecting data from unprotected Wi-Fi networks. The company then declared that it had no actual intention of gathering the data and hasn’t used it in anyway whatsoever so I thought things might just end there. However, as the investigation continues things start to look less and less harmless and there might be a storm brewing over Mountain View.

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Google photo backgrounds now show up throughout the world putting some color in your search

by 23 comments

There are very few things that Bing does better than Google and allowing you to customize its homepage is one of them. Until today, that is, as Google just enabled this feature for everyone with a registered Google Account.

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Samsung takes a hit at the iPhone 4 retina display, says it’s structurally unable to catch up with AMOLED

by 141 comments

Steve Jobs had his share of fun praising the retina display and calling it way superior to OLED at the WWDC the other day but now Samsung are striking back. A spokesperson of the Korean company is quoted by the Korea Herald saying that the IPS LCD display of the iPhone doesn’t offer contrast levels or viewing angles anywhere near the Super AMOLED standard.

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AT&T messes up big time, exposes the email adresses of 114 000 iPad 3G owners, big shots in the list

by 847 comments

A security breach in the AT&T system allowed a group of hackers to obtain the email addresses of 114 067 iPad owners, along with their ICC-IDs (the unique number that identifies the SIM cards when they connect to a network).

And, as if the huge number wasn’t bad enough on its own, there’s a quite a lot of VIP customers in the list. Top executives at the New York Times, Dow Jones, Condé Nast, Viacom, Time Warner, News Corporation, HBO and Hearst, along with government members and NASA employees are among the victims. Read more »

Magnetic macro lens allows the HTC EVO 4G to do amazing close-ups

by 21 comments

Early reviews said that the HTC EVO 4G 8 megapixel camera is pretty good but this takes it to a whole new level. The guy over at Good and EVO (now that’s one cool domain) has tested a magnet-mounted macro lens (of the variety found on eBay and Amazon) and found them to work excellently on the HTC Android flagship.

While I’m not particularly sure if attaching a magnet to your brand new insanely expensive handset is a good idea, this is one is pretty small so there should be little risks involved. Unless you count ruining the design of the backside of your phone, of course.

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Samsung S8500 Wave is our new battery life champion

by 91 comments

Battery life is becoming a growing concern to the geeks, as their high-end multimedia smartphones try to remain pocketable, while still doing everything but the dishes. Well, luckily battery technology is quickly catching up and our next battery life test is here to prove it.

The Bada-running Samsung S8500 Wave withstood so much torture that at one point we were wondering if it would ever die. Read more »