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8pen promises to change touch-based text input for good

With all current touch text input methods based on the good old QWERTY keyboards you might have some serious trouble typing quickly and accurately if you have larger fingers (or a smaller display) to work with. Enter the 8pen – the input alternative that tries to make all touch-users equal, regardless of their thumb size.

Available in the Android Market since last night, 8pen arranges all the characters around four diagonal lines on your display and uses circular gestures for typing. There required accuracy is thus reduced to a quarter of the typing area, which is basically impossible to miss.

There are also cool extras like capitalization through harder press and activation of pre-set patterns with a gesture. But I doubt I’d be able to cover all of it in writing really so I suggest you check the following demo video to get a better idea.

If you like what you see, you can head to the Android Market and fork the 99 pence to get the app and try it yourself. It comes with a nice tutorial so you’ll learn how to use it trouble-free. Plus if you uninstall it in less than 24 hours you qualify for a full refund so you can’t really lose here.



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