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Opera 11 first beta released, adds extensions and tab stacking

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The first beta of the new Opera 11 computer browser has just been released for public download. It adds several cool new features so it might be worth checking it out. The hottest new addition is tab stacking, a better way to organize your open tabs. Instead of opening tabs side-by-side, Opera 11 allows you to group them by site or by theme.

Also with its 11th version Opera joins the list of browsers that support extensions. Read more »

LG announces E-Note H1000B – a 10.1-inch Windows 7 tablet with HD display

by 18 comments

While most of the world is eagerly expecting their Android-powered slate, LG made a surprising move and announced the E-Note H1000B. The Windows 7 Starter-running (upgradeable to W7 Professional) tablet packs a 10.1” capacitive touchscreen of HD resolution (1366 x 768 pixels).

The LG E-Note H1000B will come with a couple of options for the netbook-grade CPU – Intel Atom Z510 or Z530. Read more »

Dell Inspiron Duo tablet/netbook combo goes live, priced at 549 US dollars

by 35 comments

The Dell Inspiron Duo hybrid was just officially unveiled, answering many of the questions those early ads raised. The 10.1 touchscreen netbook with rotating display is unlike anything we have seen so far on the market so the excitement that greets it is completely understandable.

On the inside you will find a dual-core Intel Atom N550 processor, 2GB of RAM, a Broadcom Crystal HD accelerator, 250GB of storage (there are also higher-capacity options), and Windows 7 Home Premium. The 10.1” display resolution is 1366 x 768 pixels and it uses the capacitive touch technology. Read more »

Hitachi Deskstar 7K3000 is the first 7200 rpm 3TB 3.5-inch hard drive

by 12 comments

Today Hitachi announced its Dekstar 7K3000 hard drive – the world’s first to offer 3TB storage and 7200 RPM speed. The 3.5” drive also supports 6Gb/s SATA interface and packs a whopping 64MB cache.

These specs should give it an edge over the other available 3TB internal drive – the Western Digital 3TB Caviar Green, which only runs at 5400 RPM. Read more »

Mobiado Classic 712 Stealth is a pleasure to your eyes, burning pain to your wallet

by 217 comments

Mobiado has just announced the latest addition to their lineup of luxury phones – the Classic 712 Stealth. Inspired by military stealth aircrafts, the Mobiado Classic 712 Stealth is hand-crafted from exquisite materials like aircraft aluminum and sapphire crystal.

On the feature side the 712 Stealth offers a 2.2” QVGA display, which Mobiado curiously refers to as “large”, a 5 megapixel camera with flash, 3G and integrated GPS. Read more »

BlackBerry Playbook trashes the Apple iPad at browsing, the video’s inside

by 482 comments

Okay this video comes from RIM’s own YouTube channel so you should probably take it with a bucket of salt but it’s worth checking out nonetheless. Here’s how it goes: the RIM upcoming BlackBerry PlayBook tablet and the insanely successful Apple iPad are placed side by side on a table and are then made to load several pages simultaneously.

The result is there for you to see – the PlayBook swim laps around the iPad and that’s discounting the fact that the Apple tablet lacks Flash. Read more »

AMD Zacate E-350 APU reviewed, dubbed the new netbook king

by 233 comments

Netbooks have been pretty much a one-horse race so far, but things seem to be about to change. The first batch of reviews of the new low-powered Zacate E-350 APU or Accelerated Processing Unit (that’s what AMD calls its CPU plus GPU combo) just came in and it outperforms the most powerful Atoms currently available, while still consuming less power.

The 1.6 GHz dual-core AMD E-350 compares favorably even to the desktop-grade Atoms with NVIDIA ION2 graphics, and that is certainly impressive. Does it really get any sweeter? Read more »

Facebook announces Messages, promises to change the way we text forever

by 656 comments

Today Facebook went live with its Messages service that promises to gather all your correspondence together. That includes email, Facebook messages, SMS and even some other IM clients. Sound like a real time-saver if you are using all those services.

While you are indeed getting a email address, Facebook Messages actually doesn’t quite try to replace your regular email provider. It lacks features like CC and BCC fields and groups all your correspondence with one person in one huge thread. Read more »

Nokia N8 gets Swype, still no split-screen

by 519 comments

Nokia delivered on its promise to extend Swype availability to all Symbian^3 devices. Nokia N8 just joined the C7 in the list of supported handsets and owners of the Finnish flagship can now get the app from the Ovi store.

As before, Swype comes for free, but there is still no support for portrait mode or split screen input. Read more »

AT&T giving away Samsung Captivate, HTC Surround and LG Quantum among others for a penny this weekend

by 8 comments

You know what’s better than a high-end smartphone with powerful hardware, running a cool new platform? A high-end smartphone with powerful hardware, running a cool new platform that costs a mere penny, of course.

A deal like that could only be valid if you are willing to sign a two year contract, but unless you are working for Microsoft and are getting one of those babies for free, it still sounds like a no-brainer. Read more »

Firefox 4 beta 7 adds graphics acceleration, new Javascript engine

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A new release of Firefox 4 beta (7th if have lost track) has just been made available for download. It’s probably the release to bring the biggest performance improvement as it’s the first one to pack hardware graphics acceleration and the JagerMonkey just-in-time (JIT) JavaScript compiler.

Those helped Firefox 4 beta 7 to achieve three to five times better results on some of the most popular browser benchmarks (like Kraken, Sunspider, and V8). In real life that means faster start-up time, improved page-load speed and better performance of Web apps and games. Read more »

SuperAMOLED Samsung Galaxy Tab makes a first public appearance, a 4.5-inch SWVGA display brought along

by 7 comments

Samsung know they have something going with that SuperAMOLED technology of theirs and they are not hesitant to use it to their advantage. It appears that the next device to get a taste of those deep blacks and excellent sunlight legibility is the Galaxy Tab tablet. Samsung even showcased a working AMOLED Tab unit at the FPD International event.

Read more »

Czech T-Mobile signs Chuck Norris, competitors to be roundhouse-kicked out of business

by 9 comments

Sorry to break it to our Czech fellas but their right to choose any carrier has been revoked effective immediately.

The Czech branch of T-Mobile has just established Chucktatorship and joining them seems the right thing to do as beating them is no longer an option.

Seriously though, we stumbled upon several T-Mobile ad videos, featuring no other than Chuck Norris. They are all in Czech but we think you will get the idea. Either that or the Texas Ranger will have to come and beat the sense out of you. Check them out! Read more »

Galaxy Tab gets fullscreen mode for all apps with a simple tweak

by 14 comments

The fact that a large portion of the Android apps don’t use the whole available screen estate is probably the main issue of the Galaxy Tab software. The great news is that a helpful hacker has just found an easy tweak that allows you to get fix that.

All that’s required is to download the free Spare Parts app from the Andriod Market and follow the instructions from the video below. Read more »

12MP Panasonic GF2 announced, brings touch focus to the Micro Four Thirds family

by 8 comments

Panasonic just announced the latest addition to their Micro Four Thirds camera lineup. The Panasonic Lumix DMC-GF2 as its full name goes is a really compact camera built around a 12MP CMOS sensor.

Capable of capturing Full HD (1920 x 1080) videos at up to 30 fps and weighing only 475 grams with batteries and lens, the GF2 should appeal to enthusiast photographers that don’t fancy the extra weight of a DSLR camera. Read more »