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Nokia C7 comes by the office, we get down to work

Nokia C7 lacks the charisma of the N8 with its state-of-the-art camera and anodized aluminum body, but it’s still a slim midrange Symbian^3 device with metal casing and great all round connectivity, which is more than enough to make it attractive.

And as the tradition goes, we have prepared a bunch of live photos and a short unboxing/user interface video for you to enjoy until we prepare the full review.

Nokia C7Nokia C7Nokia C7Nokia C7
Nokia C7 at ours

There’s no denying the fact that the Nokia C7 is a beauty. The metal frame and back cover along with the curvy sides remind us of the E71, which is still one of the prettiest Nokia smartphones in existence. And now that we have a gorgeous AMOLED display on the front instead of all those buttons things are even better. Our only regret is the glossy gray front panel (well, the part of it that isn’t display anyway), which looks rather cheapish.

As far the user interface and performance are concerned, the Nokia C7 is basically identical to the N8. At first glance the C7 feels snappy enough but still carries the two main problems about Symbian^3 (though it appears solutions to both are nearing) – the web browser and the text input options.


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