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Sony deepens the mess in its mid-range DSLR cameras portfolio, announces A290 and A390

by 6 comments

Do you know what is the best entry-level or mid-range Sony camera? Yeah, me neither. There are just so many of them and they all look so similar that it’s almost impossible to decide. And now here comes Sony adding two new members to its already over-populated mid-range portfolio.

The new additions are Sony Alpha 290 (which leaked a while ago) and Alpha 390. Built around a stabilized 14.2 MP CCD sensor, they both pack 2.7” LCD screens with 230,400 dots. Read more »

Nokia N8 video preview part 2: USB host demo and video editor snoozefest

by 45 comments

Today Nokia released the second video of their N8 overview trilogy. Focusing mostly on image gallery, image and video editing the clip also shows the USB host functionality of the phone in action.

To be honest editing videos or photos on a mobile phone was never my thing so I almost fell asleep somewhere in the middle of it but I was still able to learn a few things about the Nokia latest flagship. Read more »

How does the iPhone 4 pixel density stand in comparison?

by 52 comments

Apple was very keen to brag about the iPhone 4 high-res screen and for a very good reason. From having one of the lowest pixel densities on the market in the previous generations, the iPhone is now in the lead. The question remains how much of a lead does it have over its rivals and I decided to do a brief comparison to give you an idea about that.

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iPhone 4 new features explained on video – Apple fans drool

by 404 comments

The iPhone 4 entered the mobile world with a bang and is here to stay as the company’s flagman for at least a year. In an attempt to let us get to know it better before it hits the shelves Apple released a promo video of their new device.

Featuring each of the new features that Steve Jobs mentioned in his keynote speech tonight, the video is pretty entertaining and well worth watching. Read more »

8GB iPhone 3GS announced, destined to play second violin from its birth

by 8 comments

With all the fuss surrounding iPhone 4 announcement you may have missed another announcement made by Apple at the WWDC event. Steve Jobs mentioned it when talking about the pricing of the iPhone 4, so understandably the attention was focused elsewhere.

So yeah, the rumored 8GB version of the iPhone 3GS is finally seeing daylight. Read more »

Rafael Nadal’s latest lightweight watch costs 525 000 US dollars, will probably improve your forehand

by 22 comments

Yesterday Rafael Nadal won the Roland Garos final in a comfortable fashion, beating Soderling in straight sets. But if you were able to deviate your attention from the magnificent tennis skills the Spaniard demonstrated you might have noticed the 525 thousand US dollar worth of a wrist watch on his wrist.

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HTC EVO 4G starts breaking sales records from launch day

by 700 comments

Last Friday was a busy day for the employees at Sprint stores – it was the day when the mighty HTC EVO 4G hit their shelves. The Android-powered flagship has single-handedly improved the carrier’s 1 day sales record – and quite comfortably at that.

Sprint’s previous launch day bestsellers were Palm Pre and Samsung Instinct, but the EVO 4G (previously codenamed as HTC Supersonic) managed to sell 3 times as many units and even caused temporary shortages of the device at some of the 22 000 sales locations. Read more »

7-inch Android 2.1-powered Huawei S7 has 1 GHz Snapdragon CPU under the hood, poses for a video

by 483 comments

Unless this is your first visit to a tech-dedicated website for the past year or so, you know that tablets are all the rage now. And while Huawei is hardly a big name outside the telecom solutions business, their offering in the tablet realm certainly looks interesting.

Dubbed Huawei S7, this Android 2.1-running tablet packs a 7” touchscreen and relies on a 1GHz Snapdragon CPU to do the math. Read more »

Nikon camera lens thermos is pure awesome

by 303 comments

Canon started this at the Olympics and had the first round but now Nikon are ready to retaliate. The thermos shaped like a 24-70mm f/2.8 Nikkor AF-S camera lens is already up for pre-order on eBay so you might start saving.

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64-bit Firefox beta available for download now, let the debugging start

by 10 comments

A 64-bit Firefox browser to go with your 64-bit OS is what you always secretly wanted, right? Well if you aren’t afraid of a few minor bugs and glitches you can now download the pre-release version.

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Pixel Qi transflective LCD trounces the iPad unit in broad daylight

by 513 comments

Apple have long been the company to beat when you want to create the ultimate display on a mobile computer and for a very good reason. Their viewing angles, contrast and legibility when exposed to direct sunlight were always great. Yet after Samsung impressively outdid the iPhone LCD unit with its Super AMOLED screens, it now came time for the iPad unit to take its share of beating by the Pixel Qi transflective display.

The Pixel Qi transflective unit remains perfectly visible when exposed to sunlight, while the iPad turns into a mirror that is all but impossible to use. Check out the video and see for yourselves. Read more »

Windows Embedded Compact 7 officially announced at long last, video demo impresses

by 157 comments

When one of your partners announces a device running your latest OS before you have unveiled it, something is obviously going wrong. Still Microsoft acted quick on this one and officially announced their Windows Embedded Compact 7 tablet platform so it might have just been a trivial case of miscommunication.

Demanding less powerful hardware than Windows 7 and thus ensuring better performance on ultra portable computers and handhelds, the just announced Windows Embedded Compact 7 is also nicely touch-optimized supporting multi-touch and various gestures. Read more »

Audi Design introduces a foosball table worth 12 900 euro

by 582 comments

Emotion-packed design and excellent game quality are what Audi fans will get if they have a huge pile of cash to blow on a foosball table. Only twenty pieces of the Audi Design piece of (ridiculously overpriced) art will be produced and they will be worth 12 900 euro each (that’s about 15 600 US dollars).

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Panasonic introduces touch-driven DMC-FX70 with 24mm F/2.2 lens

by 266 comments

Touch-operation is all the rage in the world of mobile phones right now but digicams like the newly announced Panasonic DMC-FX70 (a.k.a. FX75 outside Europe) are still pretty rare. The 14 megapixel camera relies on a 3” 230k-dot LCD for its operation and packs a touch-friendly UI and touch focus.

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A couple of ASUS Eee Pads announced, pack CULV Intel Core 2 Duo, Windows 7 and some serious battery life

by 16 comments

If you are in the hunt for a tablet running a full-fledged OS, then by all means spare a minute to check this out. ASUS, the company that sparked the netbook revolution several years ago, announced the 12-inch Windows 7-running Eee Pad EP121 and the 10-inch EP101TC that sport Windows Embedded Compact 7.

The Eee Pad EP121 (pictured above) is certainly the more interesting half of the duo with its CULV Intel Core 2 Duo CPU and 10 hours of battery life. Read more »