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CrystalRoc unveils a Swarovski-encrusted Samsung Galaxy Tab, due on 1 November

The London-based company CrystalRoc is known for its passion for encrusting various gadgets with Swarovski crystals. This time their “victim” is the Samsung Galaxy Tab. CrystalRoc covered its back with a total of 5700 crystals and are launching it tomorrow, on 1 November.

As it seems, the feature pack of the Android-running Samsung Galaxy Tab wasn’t tempting enough for the guys over at CrystalRoc so they transformed the tablet into a shiny fashion accessory.

They’ve encrusted the Galaxy Tab with 5700 Swarovski Bright crystals (of course, all of them are hand-applied) while for the Galaxy Tab logo they used Jet Hematite. However, you can further customize the logo to suit your taste.

The Swarovski-encrusted Samsung Galaxy Tab will start selling tomorrow, on 1 November 2010. It will be exclusively available through Micro Anivka at Harrods, London. The price is yet to be announced.



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