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SugarSync for iOS users gets and update, iPhone/iPad users rejoice

Earlier this year SugarSync brought their smartphone-to-PC free syncing service to Android users everywhere.

Making a name for themselves with iOS, SugarSync are now ready to push the next version of their service to iPhone and iPad users everywhere, which includes a heap of new functionality.

For starters they’ve made interface improvements primarily based on user feedback. You can now sync folders individually, organise photos alphabetically or chronologically and there’s now batch processing when it comes to copying, moving or deleting photos or albums.

Also another key new feature is the integrated notes service. Alongside photos, SugarSync now allows you to create syncable notes that pertain to album or photo content or anything you want to write about really.

It’s good news for fans of an already popular service on Apple’s turf, but it’s now a case of what happens to the non-iOS users. Does the Android SugarSync app get left out in the cold, or will they take steps to sweeten things up there too?



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